Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 392

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Chapter 392

“Come here to die.” Seeing her standing next to Bai Suyuan, Jacob exclaimed in a frightening manner.

Grace trembled and walked up to him obediently.

No way, the big devil is in control of Yan’s life and death.

Grandpa Zhan asked with a sullen face, “Grace, these two men, who do you really like?”

Grace glanced at Jacob timidly, and looked at Suyuan helplessly.

These two people, she said, one of them will offend the other.

Jacob, she can’t afford to offend.

Bai Suyuan, she didn’t want to offend him.

“Old lady, how can I be qualified to make a choice?” Grace said.

“Just say who you like. Today, my old man is in charge of you.” The old lady said.

“Grace, you think about it before answering.” Jacob whispered. Just to remind her directly about the Xingyue script contract!

Grace always adhered to the golden rule of “A person who knows the current affairs is a brilliant man”, and was threatened by his Chi Guoguo, and immediately fell to Jacob.

“I-like-Lord War!” gritted her teeth and said bitterly.

Bai Suyuan did not show the ups and downs of grief, instead he smiled lightly.

“Bless you.” Bai Suyuan reached out to Grace.

As soon as Grace stretched out, he caught a glimpse of Jacob’s sharp eyes falling on the hands of two people like a knife.

Grace retracted her hand.

Bai Suyuan’s hands were frozen in the air, and he retracted awkwardly to touch his nose.

The atmosphere in the room became awkward. Everyone can see that this love triangle is a process of strength competition.

Jacob pulled Grace’s hand straight away.

Bai Suyuan didn’t want to stay with the elders either. After bowing to the elders and bid farewell, he followed Jacob out.

At the door, Jacob released Grace’s hand and suddenly stopped.

After Bai Suyuan followed, Jacob turned around.

Bai Suyuan smiled more brilliantly than Shanhua, “Fight less!”

“Grace, avoid it.” Jacob’s voice couldn’t hear any emotion.

Grace was startled slightly, looking at Bai Suyuan with sympathy.

“It’s good.”

“Rose, go.” Bai Suyuan comforted.

Grace left uneasy.

Bai Suyuan looked at Jacob with a smile, with a gentle voice and a gentle smile, a gentle gentleman with extraordinary elegance. “Young Master Zhan, what are you looking for?”

The corners of Jacob’s lips curled up with a sneer, “Bai Suyuan, do you hate me so much in your heart? You want to kill me but can’t kill me, are you panicking?”

Bai Suyuan smiled and condensed——Is this guy very self-aware?

“Shao Zhan, women are like clothes, and brothers are like brothers. As for a woman, I will become enemies with my brother?” Bai Suyuan changed his face faster than flipped a book.

Jacobying Falcon’s gaze seemed to shoot Bai Suyuan into a sieve, “Snatch me from a woman in public, Bai Suyuan, who lends you the courage?”

“Young Master Zhan, I was just on impulse…” Bai Suyuan slapped sloppy eyes.

Jacob approached him, Bai Suyuan was 1.8 meters tall, only a little lower than Jacob, but he was killed by Jacob on the aura.

“Bai Suyuan, your acting skills are good. You can fool the elders of the Bai family, but with me, your way is too shallow.”

Bai Suyuan’s smile disappeared a little bit-

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