Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 391

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Chapter 391

After Bai Nanning was taken away, Jacob rudely tore off Grace’s clothes and threw them to Bai Suyuan.

Then took off his coat and wrapped Grace.

“Don’t touch other men’s things in the future. It’s disgusting.” He warned fiercely.

Bai Suyuan suddenly chuckled.

Jacob used all means to stop him and Grace’s official announcement, but he did not expect that Bai Nanning would become their official announcement.

The matter between him and Grace was made public.

Bai Suyuan simply acted to the end, looking at Jacob with a smile but a smile, “Young Master Zhan and my girlfriend are wearing couple clothes, which one is this?”

“She is my wife.” Jacob declared his sovereignty domineeringly.

“Ex-wife only.” Bai Suyuan smiled extremely softly.

“The ex-wife is also a wife.” Jacob said.


At this time, the old lady heard that Bai Suyuan and Jacob were fighting for women in the large court, and was furious, so that people brought Jacob and Bai Suyuan into the inner hall.

The old lady interrogated the two personally: “I heard that you two quarreled for Grace?”

Bai Suyuan was a little embarrassed.

Jacob said openly, “Yes.”

Bai Suyuan looked at him speechlessly, “You are embarrassed to say such a thing?

“Dare to do it or not to recognize it, does she know that you are such a bullsh!t?” Jacob turned his head to scorn him.

The old lady clenched his fist and hammered heavily on the case, “Making a fool. You are both public figures. It’s good to solve this kind of Fengyue matter privately. Do you want to make a noise in front of so many people?”

Bai Suyuan thoughtfully, that kind of ending is what he wants!

The parents of the Bai family hate iron and steel and complain about Bai Suyuan, “Suyuan, there are so many women in the imperial capital, why are you ignorant of fighting the young women?”

Bai’s parents complained about him, it was not really the virtue of humility. But he was afraid that Bai Suyuan would offend Jacob, and then the development of the Bai family would be suppressed by Jacob.

Bai Suyuan looked at several uncles, smiling, polite and polite, “Uncle, it’s not a woman whose nephew is ignorant and fights young people. It’s that the nephew and Grace are in love with each other and have been privately set for life. The nephew has also agreed in advance. I don’t know that Shao Zhan has no more feelings for Grace!”

Jacob eyebrows and frost.

Grandpa Zhan was a little shocked, probably because he didn’t expect that his excellent grandson would lose to Bai Suyuan, who was inferior to him in chasing women.

The old lady stared at Jacob in wonder, “Jacob, what the hell is going on? Are you planning to remarry Grace? Why is she with Su Yuan again?”

Jacob scorned Bai Suyuan, “She was not with Young Master Bai, but it was only wishful thinking of Young Master Bai.”

Bai Suyuan immediately yelled, “Wishful thinking is yours. She married you and gave birth to three children, but you never treated her well. Her love for you began with blind worship, and now she finally recognized my feelings and completely abandoned you. But you are not willing to let her go…”

Bai Suyuan’s words pierced Jacob’s heart like countless needles.

Is Grace really frustrated with him? Is she going to abandon him?

At this time, everyone in the room looked at Jacob.

Bai Suyuan’s eyes had a hint of schadenfreude.

Jacob said coldly, “On the contrary, Young Master Bai used the authority of his boss to force female employees to fall in love with him.”

Jacob and Bai Suyuan had their own opinions, which made it difficult for others to judge fairness.

Someone suggested, “It’s better to call Grace in and ask her if she knows the truth?”

The others nodded in agreement, “Yeah.”

Soon, Grace was brought in.

Glancing at the two men standing in the middle of the room, Jacob’s whole body was covered with ice, and Bai Suyuan’s face was lightly smiling, which made people feel like a spring breeze.

Grace’s instinct to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages prompted her to move towards Bai Suyuan.

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