Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 360

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Chapter 360

He is a man.

And Kelly has completely grown into a national goddess.

Even he was focused on Elvira, his heart trembled at this moment.

“Okay! Let’s get started!”

Shaun said while changing the subject.

After hearing this, Kelly realized his gaffe.

She hurriedly broke free from Shaun’s arms, and her beautiful little face was completely red.

I’m afraid she didn’t even think of it.

In front of Shaun, she was so gloomy.

“Then what do we play?”

Kelly looked at Shaun and asked.

However, she just uttered her words, as if she had thought of something, she quickly continued:

“Caribbean love!”

“Caribbean love!”

in unison.

Kelly and Shaun seemed to have a sharp heart, and they even said such a name together.

this moment!

The two were startled and then laughed.

Interesting souls always combine words and actions like this.

At the moment, Kelly’s beautiful and pretty face was smiling like a flower. She picked up the microphone and continued to say to the thousands of fans below:

“Next, Fanshen and I will play a song together-“Caribbean Love”! For everyone!”


There was thunderous applause from below.

Thousands of fans cheered and applauded, and this scene was extremely shocking.

And just under the sight of their expectations.

Shaun slowly walked towards a piano next to him.

However, when he walked to the piano, a scene that surprised everyone appeared.

Instead of sitting directly in front of the piano, he stood behind the piano and took out a pack of cigarettes from his arms!


This scene made Kelly and all his fans widen their eyes.

They never thought that their idol would take out a pack of cigarettes on the stage.

What is he going to do?

Everyone’s appetite was thoroughly aroused by this action.

Countless curious eyes looked at Shaun on the stage.

And in the sight of everyone!

Shaun took out a cigarette and placed it on the stand behind the piano before sitting in front of the piano.

This scene!

Made everyone more confused.

However, they saw Shaun made a gesture.

Then, the ten fingers pointed at the piano and fell!

Ding ding dong…

Each note, like a jade bead falling from the sky, centered on Shaun’s finger, instantly spreading in all directions.

When this rhythm, like a gust of breeze, blows through the ears of fans, they felt as if their souls have fluctuated.

Their bodies trembled fiercely.

Completely gone.

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