Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 396

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Chapter 396

Grace recovered and moved to Jacob embarrassingly.

Janice looked at Grace in a puzzled manner. Her gaffe made Janice feel a little uneasy.

“Sister-in-law, shouldn’t you-have a good impression of my family, right?”

“Huh?” Grace exclaimed.

Irene said, “Ah what, you have been staring at me for discharging, causing my girlfriend to misunderstand, right?”

Janice glanced at Jacob uncomfortably. She was afraid that her possessive eldest brother would misunderstand her sister-in-law, and become angry with her-

However, Jacob sat there gracefully as if nothing happened. Even looking at Grace’s gaze did not cause any more separation and indifference.

This is simply not the style of Jacob.

“I didn’t discharge you.” Grace murmured angrily, “You are not RMB, don’t think everyone wants to like you!”

Irene was choked-just want to throw this woman into the sea to feed the sharks.

Jacob can’t help but laugh!

The waiter walked over with the menu and asked respectfully, “Master, miss, what do you want to eat?”

“Cantonese cuisine.” Janice looked at Zhengzheng, “Your favorite taste.”

Jacob said, “Sichuan cuisine.”

Janice exclaimed in dissatisfaction, “Brother, obviously you also like Cantonese food?”

Jacob looked at Grace softly, “She likes Sichuan cuisine.”

Irene felt that his heart was beating twice. Grace actually liked Sichuan food like his Lingbao?

This time, Irene was surprised to show a gentlemanly demeanor, “Since Miss Luo loves Sichuan food, let’s try it too.”

Janice smiled and nodded, “According to you.”

It looks like marrying a chicken with a chicken and a dog with a dog.

“Janice, are you a bit spine?” Jacob was speechless.

Janice said confidently, “Brother, don’t you want your sister-in-law to be obedient to you?”

Jacob looked at Grace and frowned. I want her to be obedient to him…

“Next life!”

Grace lay innocently, she was also very gentle.

Janice laughed, “Brother, you have to work hard. In fact, women are very easy to conquer…”

Jacob handed her a roll of eyes, “That’s you!”

Janice asked herself to be boring.

Grace hurriedly rescued Janice, “Actually, I am also very easy to conquer!”

Irene attacked her, “Nonsense, who can resist the charm of Lord Zhan.”

Grace: “…”

Hot dishes were quickly served, and Irene’s favorite “braised rabbit head” was placed in the middle of the long table.

The chopsticks of Jacob and Irene coincided with the same rabbit head. Neither person means being polite.

Janice and Grace were dumbfounded…

Jacob and Irene obviously don’t like eating rabbit heads!

Irene said, “Seeing things and thinking about people, I remember my sister loves this dish the most…”

Jacob said, “Grace also likes to eat.”

Janice’s eyes straightened… The eldest brother actually transferred the rabbit head that his beloved sister Irene likes to Grace, has the eldest brother walked out of the shadow of sister Irene?

But there is a feeling of unreality, the elder brother loves sister Irene, it can be described as love into the bones.

Irene’s surprised gaze shifted to Grace again. She even likes to eat rabbit heads?

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