Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 361

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Chapter 361

The rhythm, like a mountain and running water, swept through the thousands of fans in the stadium.

In these notes, the moment that passed into their ears, all the fans went to another level.

They only feel that those beating notes are washing their souls, and that beautiful melody is soothing their nerves.

Fun and dripping!


Almost where the rhythm drifted, everyone closed their eyes and sank in instantly.

This is more than that.

When Shaun’s rhythm sounded, Kelly next to him, the same crisp singing voice, followed the music.

Kelly’s voice had a deep penetrating power.

Especially with the aid of piano music, that kind of soul penetrating power is even more powerful. Almost where the voice passes, the bodies of all fans is involuntarily trembling.

The soul affects the physiology!

Physically stimulate the soul!

The ensemble of the two makes “Love in the Caribbean” completely sublimated to a higher level.

Elvira is closest to the stage and is most moved by the rhythm of this ensemble.

At this moment, they seemed to have come to the vast, yet full of unknown Caribbean Sea.

The wonders of nature are bred here.

But it is full of unimaginable dangers.

In the minds of everyone, they seemed to see pirate ships after they burned, killed, looted and committed evil.

The wailing of women, the despair of men, the cry of children.

It’s like echoing in everyone’s ears.

Blood and death have become all the music here.

In this scene, one after another fans clenched their fists tightly together, and the expressions on their faces became hideous, angry, and helpless.


When thousands of fans are silent in the desperate picture.

Oh oh…

It was as if they heard the battle cry.

Then they saw the deep sea, one after another scarlet battleship, quickly attacking.

This warship, like an arrow from the string, is incredibly fast.


On each scarlet battleship, there are dark warriors one after another who is as powerful as the devil.

This is a group of warships that seem to come from the sea of death.

Killing everyone!

Destroying everything!

At this moment, the thousands of fans in the stadium seemed to hear the screams, roars, and despair of those pirates.

These pirates wanted to escape, but unfortunately, they couldn’t do it.

In the blink of an eye, they were surrounded by scarlet battleships.

When those dark warriors who looked like the devil jumped on the bow, the real killing began.

Pirates, like chickens and dogs, were slaughtered!

Death has become the fate of all pirates.

Wailing has become the movement of many pirates.

When this picture flashed in the minds of thousands of fans in the stadium, every fan felt that their blood was burning.

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