Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 362

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Chapter 362

They want to shout excitedly, they want to shout.

The pleasure made thousands of fans tremble completely.


The picture of their minds turned again, and a king in black came out from the Devil Warrior Group!

With every step he took, a pirate died.

He seems to be synonymous with death.

Wherever he went, corpses were there.

Until he came to a pile of corpses, a beautiful girl was pulled out from it.

“You are saved!”

The king’s voice entered the girl’s ear, and his face was completely engraved into the girl’s heart.

Until then!

The sound of the music slowly ended, and the images that flashed in the minds of thousands of fans gradually disappeared.


In the entire stadium, there was no sound. Every fan still closed his eyes, but their faces seemed to have experienced life and gained eternal love.

And after a brief silence!


The applause sounding like a tsunami in the stadium.

The faces of fans were already wet with tears.

They were crying and cheering.

It seems that they have experienced the madness of pirates, the despair of everyone, and they have witnessed the killing of the Devil Warrior Group, and the arrogance of the king.

Just one song is like life.

This scene made every fan unbelievable and completely crazy.

It’s more than that!

They say that when the piano music was over, Shaun slowly stood up before the piano.

Then he walked to the piano stand and picked up the cigarette.


Under the stage, the cheers of the crowd stopped slightly.

They looked at the mysterious Fan God again, and they wanted to know what exactly Fan God wanted to do with this cigarette.

But then!

Everyone was stunned to see that Shaun was holding this cigarette and gently touching the strings on the back of the piano!


A flame came out, and then the smoke burned instantly.


All fans got stunned, they had never seen such an operation.

No fire, only string!

Light a cigarette with strings!


The thousands of fans below completely exploded.

Almost everyone saw that the string has flamed a cigarette, which means that the temperature of the string has reached unimaginable heat.

And this shows that when the gods played before, his hand speed was terrifying.

The hand speed of god is beyond everyone’s imagination that can make the strings reach such a high temperature to light a cigarette.

Not only fans below.

After seeing this scene, whether it was Kelly or the many entertainment tycoons in the VIP seat, everyone almost fell in shock.


Their research on the piano is more advanced than ordinary people, and they understand best that the operation of lighting a cigarette on a string is almost beyond the playing speed of a first-class piano master.

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