Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 412

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Chapter 412

Grace said, “Although you don’t need anything from your warrior family. But the meager gift represents my heart! If I’m outside, I can still buy some calligraphy and painting for the old lady——”

“You come with me.”

Jacob took Grace to the calligraphy and painting room on the third floor of the club, spread out the pen and paper, and Jacob said, “Now can you prepare your gifts?”

Grace pointed to her nose and stared at him in shock, “You let me draw a picture for the grandfather’s birthday?”

Jacob nodded.

Grace couldn’t laugh or cry: “I am not a painter, and I am not a calligrapher. My calligraphy and painting are worthless. Sending calligraphy and painting will be beaten out by the old lady.”

Jacob said, “With me, who dares to move you?”

Grace sat in front of the drawing board, thinking hard for a long time, and finally wrote a congratulatory speech.

“Warlord, can this be given away?”

Jacob raised his eyes and glanced at the calligraphy and painting. Just like her stubborn and resolute character.

There was a relieved smile at the bottom of his eyes. “Good writing.”

Jacob found the scroll in the bookcase, and after earnestly helping her frame the frame, he saw Grace’s still dignified expression and calmed her, “Don’t worry. The gifts the old lady receives every year are sent out for charity. You whether it’s sending calligraphy or painting or antiques, it’s actually the same.”

Grace said mischievously: “Since they are all shy to fill the numbers, why don’t I just stuff something in?”

Jacob couldn’t help but laugh, “You are still the first person who dares to fool the old lady.”

After the gift box was packed, Jacob handed it to Grace, “Now follow me to visit the old lady!”

Grace always felt unreliable, “Really won’t open it in person?”

“The gifts of outsiders are treated like this.” Jacob said.

Grace relaxed.

The old lady met guests in the lobby on the second floor. The media unit had been waiting at the entrance on the second floor. The camera flashed at the visiting guests.

When the elevator door opened, Grace couldn’t open her eyes with the strong flashing light, and Jacob took advantage of the situation to hug her into his arms.

More than a dozen microphones were handed over immediately, “Young Master Zhan, you have never looked like a woman, what is your relationship with this beautiful lady?”

Jacob said with a cold face, “Don’t the media people always have the most sensitive sense of smell? Can’t you see what our relationship is?”

After Grace’s eyes adjusted to the strong white light, she desperately broke free from the shackles of Jacob. Nervously explained to the media, “We are just friends, just ordinary friends.”

Jacob put his mouth to her ear and reminded in a low voice, “Don’t forget our agreement.”

Grace’s head drooped as the cabbage hit like frost in an instant.

Jacob held her hand, his gait was unprecedentedly leisurely. Walked slowly to the lobby.

In the lobby.

The old man sat on a mahogany chair with bodyguards standing on both side, and a group of friends and relatives who came to celebrate their birthday surrounded in front of them.

There are many gift boxes in front of him, all of which have been taken apart.

When Jacob and Grace entered, there were seven or eight people waiting in line to congratulate the old man.

Kneeling on the ground at the moment were the couple in the third room. After presenting the gift box, they said a few very official congratulations.

The old man smiled and said, “I have received your thoughts. You don’t have to celebrate my birthday with big fanfare, I just want to see my good grandchildren——”

As soon as he finished speaking, Palmer, who had started his footsteps, retracted again. His face was very dull.

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