Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 413

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Chapter 413

Jacob is the eldest grandson, pulling Grace to celebrate the old man’s birthday first.

“The grandson wishes Grandpa a better life than Nanshan, and a blessing like the long flow of the East Sea.”

Grace bit her scalp and said: “I wish the old man a long life and a happy family!”

When the master of ceremonies came down to receive the gift, Grace hesitated to submit it.

Jacob winked at her, Grace stared at him bitterly, and asked in a low voice, “Didn’t you say that the old lady doesn’t open the gift box?”

“Well, I’m talking about a gift from outsiders.” Jacob said confidently.

Grace wants to cry without tears——

Nima, this guy is too good at fooling people.

In full view, Grace had to present the gift.

Grace lowered her head, waiting for the laughter to drown her.

The old lady personally opened the gift box and unfolded the copybook.

Before the copybook was dry, the old lady’s hand was accidentally blackened.

The friends and relatives who were onlookers all sighed, “Is this calligraphy written out of a hug?”

“How can this be? Don’t send it if you don’t want it!”

Grace’s face was hot.

Jacob Binghan’s gaze swept towards everyone, and the noisy people immediately became dumb.

The old lady looked at this pair of calligraphy, her face gradually showing shock.

Jacob once told him that Grace is Irene. He was still dubious at the time.

But today, he is convinced.

This pair of calligraphy, the congratulatory message is majestic and humorous, the font is powerful and elegant.

It really is Irene’s handwriting.

The old lady looked at Grace and smiled gently: “Grace, your gift won my heart.”

Grace was stunned, the old lady said he liked her gift?

The old lady said, “I am old, and I have not loved material desires as much as I did in the past. On the contrary, I like simple and simple things. It makes me very happy to receive gifts prepared by others.”

After a pause, “Grace, what reward do you want?”

Grace thought secretly, the old lady was generous. Is she going to make a fortune!

Jacob responded for her, “Grandpa, grandson will reward her.”

The old man said, “Don’t treat her badly.”

Grace stared at Jacob suddenly, what is this guy blocking her fortune!

After Jacob pulled her off the court, he asked, “Speak, what do you want?”

Grace was lacking in interest and said, “What else can you give me, a barren iron cock!”

Jacob: “…”

Gritting his teeth, “Really no? Don’t regret it?”

Grace thought for a while, “I want.”

Even an embroidery needle for nothing is good!

Jacob thought about girls’ hobbies:

“How about sending you flowers…”

Grace shook her head. “The flowers are not good, you can’t eat or drink!”

Jacob followed her thoughts, “Want to have a big meal?”

Grace shook her head, “I will become a pig after eating it again.”

“Then what do you want?”

“Master Zhan, you might as well just send me the money.” Grace said.

Jacob looked at her speechlessly and said, “Giving you money is too insulting to your character.”

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