Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 380

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Chapter 380

“Shaun, it’s Elvira’s secretary!” Paula looked at the number and immediately handed the phone to Shaun.


Hearing Paula’s words, Shaun’s heartbeat slightly.

He knows Elvira best.

If it wasn’t for something, she would never ask her secretary to call her family.

And now something has happened!

At the moment, Shaun quickly picked up the phone, and immediately heard a cry of anxiety from inside:

“Hello! Auntie?”

“I’m Shaun!” Shaun’s heart twitched.

The ominous premonition in his heart became stronger and stronger.

When on the phone, Elvira’s secretary heard that it was Shaun, suddenly overjoyed:

“Mr. Lin, there is a problem! This morning, the sales channel of our group’s resurrection pills has been opened!”

“But I don’t know what’s going on? There is a problem in the city. All the drugs got snatched away by a boxing gym!”

Elvira’s secretary almost cried anxiously, and said with a deep cry:

“Our employees have all been beaten, the president has personally taken people to the wolf hall!”

“And something has happened!”


As soon as these words came out, Shaun’s complexion changed, and his voice became icy as if it contained a sea of corpses and blood:

“What happened? Elvira? Say!!!”

When Shaun’s words fell.

Not only the secretary on the other end of the phone, also all the people near him got scared.

They only felt that this piece of air seemed to be cold, causing everyone to shiver unconsciously.

“Lin…Mr. Lin, calm down! The president did not have any major accidents, she is detained by the people in the wolf hall!”


Shaun frowned deeper.

He didn’t understand why the other party has detained Elvira for!

“According to a colleague who went with the President have come back and they reported that those people had put Elvira in an iron box! Someone has to go there to save her.”

“Otherwise, they will hurt Elvira!”


When the secretary’s words fell, Shaun’s eyes suddenly splashed with crazy murderous intent.

He hasn’t felt it for a long time. So wants to kill everyone!

“What is the background of the Wolf Hall?”

Shaun’s voice was still extremely cold as if there was no emotional fluctuation, but it fell in everyone’s ears, making them unconsciously chilled.


It was like a bloodthirsty beast, started to awake under everyone’s eyes, causing everyone to take a step back unconsciously.

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