Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 414

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Chapter 414

Grace hurriedly said, “I am not afraid of being insulted, just take the money to insult me! The more the better!”

Jacob laughed, “Little money fan.”

He took a diamond card out of his arms and handed it to Grace, “Take it!”

“Master Zhan, is there any money in it?” Grace always felt that there was no cash check.

Jacob’s face is dark, all his active funds are in it, and she actually suspects that there is no money in it?

“Check it yourself.” said with a cold face.

Grace put it away happily.

Jacob glanced at her and asked puzzledly, “Why don’t I give you money before?”

Grace said frankly, “That’s different. I used to sell my children, of course I didn’t sell it. Today, I asked me to sell calligraphy. Anyway, my calligraphy is worthless, so I will sell it.”

Jacob’s eyebrows were dyed with a smile. “Yes, I also know that a gentleman loves to make money!”

“Of course.”

Suddenly a screaming scream came from outside the door!

“My son died terribly, old man, you have to pay me justice!”

He heard his voice before seeing him.

The old man has already frowned.

“Grandpa, it must be the family members of the deceased on the fire scene to ask for justice.” Jacob said calmly.

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw a woman in black filial obedience, with a hair bun and white flowers on her head staggering in. Straight down at the feet of the old lady.

Jacob and Grace had to make way for her.

The woman cried heartbreakingly, “Old lady, my family Xiaoxiao was originally a poor child. He would suffer discrimination from others when he was a child. I did not have high hopes for him. I just hope that he will live through this life safely. Okay. Who knew he was burned beyond recognition by the fire-why is Zhan Xiao’s life so bitter?”

Luo Shishi’s eyes turned red in an instant.

He can appreciate the pain of the young mother’s loss of her son. It was a kind of torment that he missed in a foreign country back then. And this mother faces the pain of losing her beloved son forever.

The old lady’s voice was slightly hoarse, “I feel extremely sad about Zhan Xiao’s death. Don’t worry, our Zhan Family will definitely give you a satisfactory answer.”

The woman cried so much that she was about to faint, and weeped intermittently, “Grandma, it’s harder for us to see you than ascending to the sky. If you don’t take advantage of the birthday of the grandfather, how can you be qualified to step into tourmaline? Please also ask the grandfather now. Give me an explanation!”

The atmosphere in the room instantly became tense.

The woman intimidating the old man means obvious.

The camera kept taking pictures at the woman…

Jue Zhanhan’s biting Binghan’s voice immediately sounded, “The idlers and others will go out immediately.”

The people in the house are scattered like birds and beasts.

Jacob retreated everyone and turned to look at Grace who was disobedient. “You go out too.”

Grace said: “The old lady has opened my gifts. I am not an outsider.”

Jacob: “…”

Those who stayed are all immediate family members of the Zhan Family.

San Fang Zhan Ting Su had gathered the courage to rush forward, took his little wife into his arms, and comforted, “Xiaoyan, don’t be sad…”

The woman pushed him away and scolded, “Don’t touch me. Your son is dead. You are like a tortoise. Are you afraid that the scandal between us will affect your public image? Now that the media is withdrawn, you are hypocritical. To express your meager love?”

Zhan Tingsu’s face was ugly.

The third wife said bitterly, “I knew today, why bother back then. When you were a junior, why didn’t you think about your fate today?”

The woman was angrily, “You can’t feed your man, and you can’t control your man, let him harm the good girl outside, do you have the face to blame us?”

Zhenggong and Xiaosan’s battle is full of blood.

Jacob reprimanded Grace in a low voice, “What’s so good about this, wait for me outside?”

“No, I learn experience.”

“You never need such experience.”

Grace looked at him with little wild cat’s pitiful eyes.

Jacob surrendered.

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