Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 415

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Chapter 415

The third wife and the woman had a quarrel.

Jacob frowned irritably.

Grace gloated at Jacob: “Master Zhan, I heard that you are taking care of the affairs of the Zhan Family? You, a straight man who is not close to a woman, certainly don’t know how to deal with this kind of scene, right? Not as good as you. Call me sister, sister will help you solve it?”

Jacob: “…”

Seeing that he was unwilling, Grace boasted, “Sister’s love experience is more than you eat rice. I will help you, and you can just send me some money!”

“How rich is it?”

“You have been in love for seventeen years, how rich do you say?”

Jacob’s eyebrows and smiles, seventeen years, hasn’t he only loved him?

“I have no money!” Jacob said.

He gave her the card, he was really poor.

Grace changed her face faster than flipping a book, “It’s up to you to deal with it yourself. People have to learn to face various things after all.”

Jacob’s handsome face was instantly covered with black lines.

Walking in front of the woman, an iceberg face is comparable to a refrigerator.

“You are Zhan Xiao’s guardian. You should know that Zhan Xiao is inconvenient to move and is born stupid. Why do you leave him running around alone?

“You are now using his death to blackmail the warrior, so that I have enough reason to suspect that you are related to this arson. Now, I want to complain to the police!”

The woman fell to the ground, looking at Jacob in horror.

Jacob resolved the immediate crisis in a few words, and Grace admired Grace’s admiration without saying a word.

The members of the Zhan Family breathed a sigh of relief.

Who knows, Grace’s voice of righteousness speaks flatly!

“Maybe it was the negligence of the door guard that made the foolish child get into the burning hotel.”

Although the voice is small, it has the potential to turn things around!

Jacob asked her, “Have you seen the surveillance?”

Grace shook her head.

“Have you been to the crime scene?”

Grace shook her head.

Jacob rubbed his head, “No investigation, no right to speak.”

Grace: “…”

Jacob exhausted his patience and said to the woman, “If you want justice, you should go to the police station, but I have to remind you that for infringement of the reputation of the warrior, the compensation is calculated at a multiplier of ten million.”

The woman’s face was ashen.

The reputation of the warrior shocked China and foreign countries that year.

When Jacob took over the affairs of the Zhan Family, many business competitors cheated him on his youth and asked him for trouble every day.

Jacob spent a lot of money to buy a huge reputation insurance for the warrior in order to get it right once and for all. Those commercial opponents who infringed on the reputation of the warrior lost their lives after losing the lawsuit.

Since then, the Zhan clan has become a monopoly giant in the imperial capital.

No one would come to court the Zhan Family anymore to be boring.

Jacob’s iron-blooded wrists spread.

The woman stood up precariously, and she glanced at the battle court on the side with a sad look, wrapped in anger, unwillingness, and despair.

“Fine, this is my son’s life. I’m a mother, I don’t have the ability to stand up for him…”

The woman left in despair.

Grace was shocked by the woman’s words on the spot.

Yes, they are all weak and helpless against the Zhan Family.

The grandfather’s birthday was held as usual, but Grace’s heart was blocked and she took the opportunity to slip out of the lobby.

Jacob followed, “Grace, where are you going?”

Blocking her at the elevator door, Jacob was unhappy.

Grace was so annoyed that she was so rich and unkind, she said without a word, “I want to see that poor mother!”

“And then?”

“I want to help her.”

“How do you want to help her?”

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