Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 416

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Chapter 416

Grace looked at him with a guilty conscience, “I want to help her get justice!”

Jacob raised his eyebrows, “Do you mean to be against me?”

Grace looked like death at home, “Yes!”

Jacob couldn’t laugh or cry, “What are you using against me?”

Grace said, “Look under me? Haven’t you heard that the Centipede is dead but not stiff?”

Jacob teased, “But you only have two feet, so you are far from a hundred!”

Grace: “…”

Nima, shameless, this man is not inferior.

“Master Zhan, you are not benevolent for wealth.” Grace was angrily.

“Grace, you are unbehaved today…” Jacob’s face gradually darkened.

Grace said, “Your war family is not short of money. Send her some money and she feels better.”

“It’s not a question of money.”

“Obviously you are not stubborn!”

Jacob: “…”

Why did she leave such a bad impression on her?

The elevator door opened with a jingle, and Irene and Janice walked out of it.

Grace leaned against the wall, her cheeks puffed out, her chest rising and falling, looking very angry.

Irene threw away Janice’s hand and yelled at Jacob, “Are you bullying her?”

Both Janice and Grace were shocked by Irene’s abnormal attitude.

“Irene, why did you stand up for her? Do you like her?” Janice shouted.

Jacob glared at Irene, “Take your woman and get out.”

Irene looked at Janice, then at Grace, and finally took Grace’s hand and ran away.

Janice and Jacob are left, and the place is messy.

“Irene-you bastard.” Janice cried bitterly.

“Fortunately, I regard Grace as my best sister. I didn’t expect that she would steal my boyfriend in the end. How could she do this?”

Jacob said gloomily: “Do you think your big brother’s charm is not as good as Irene?”

Janice sobbed, “Brother, since you are so charming, why can’t you even look down on your own woman?”

These words almost pierced Jacob’s heart.

To Grace, he was really cruel to treat her.

Irene took Grace’s hand and ran out of the club in one breath.

Grace was so tired that she kicked and huffed, waving her hand while saying, “Yan – Zhengzheng, you have pulled the wrong person.”

“Can you do things more reliably?”

Irene stared at Grace in a daze. He didn’t know that she was Irene before, and he always spoke harshly to her.

Now that he know her identity, when he look at her again, he feels that everything is pleasing to the eye.

In particular, Grace said he was unreliable, and this made him feel particularly ironed.

Because Lingbao used to hurt him like this before!

“Jacob bullied you?” Irene asked.

Grace shook her head. “Strictly speaking, I was bullying him.”

Irene: “…”

“He made a mistake?”

Grace was angrily, “He bullies the weak and weak women.”

Irene: “…”

Grace’s “roar when the road sees unevenness” is indeed possessed by Lingbao.

“Grace. I said you can take care of your nostalgia?” Irene felt that his calm brain for many years began to jump up again.

Originally wanted to recognize her, but at this moment also wittily canceled the original plan.

It is better to return her to Jacob, and let the two wise men harm each other.

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