Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 420

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Chapter 420

After the birthday banquet, the guests gradually dispersed.

While Jacob was sending the guests off, Grace slipped back to Xiangdingyuan, thinking about asking Jacob to sign the contract no matter what.

She turned out the contract, but was surprised to find that the contract had been stamped with the seal of Zhan’s Pictures Co., Ltd., and the name of Jacob.

Grace was overjoyed!

Now that the contract has been settled, she has no reason to stay here, waiting for him to murder her.

Grace changed back to her clothes, put on a contract, and was about to stray away-by coincidence, Jacob was back.

“Where are you going?” The blue veins on Jacob’s forehead faintly burst, looking extremely angry.

Grace expected him to cross the river to demolish the bridge.

The fox’s tail finally appeared.

Calming her mind, Grace said calmly, “Master Zhan, you lie. You are not saying that no matter what mistakes I make, you will not be angry.”

Jacob slowly approached her!

Grace showed a hurried face and stepped back.

When she retreated to the wall, there was no way to retreat.

Jacob propped her arms on the wall, confining her in a small space.

“I also said, don’t touch my bottom line.”

“Grace, you are now my wife, and you can leave without saying goodbye. Is this the character that a wife should have?”

“Why should I leave? You know it!” Grace said timidly.

Thousands of grass and mud horses are running in her heart, she won’t leave and be broken by him?

How did Jacob know the little Jiujiu in her heart, only that she had done many things that made her sad before, so she was determined to leave him.

“What if I don’t let you go?” He became violent and aggressive.

Grace wanted to cry without tears, “Then I won’t leave.”

Jacob’s cold expression gradually recovered, and suddenly he leaned over and grabbed her lips, crushing them like a violent wind and rain.

Grace stared at a pair of frightened pupils, “Please, be gentle, I am afraid of pain.”

She just knelt down and begged for mercy and asked him to lightly when she was hit by the knife.

Jacob was flabbergasted, but he was in a great mood because of her stunned words.

“Yeah.” He answered happily.

He picked her up and walked to the big bed.

Grace was a little confused!

Until she knew what he was going to do, Grace really wanted to bite off her tongue.

She asked him to lighten up just now, did he misunderstand her?

She cried stupidly by her IQ, and gave him a free service before she died.

“Master Zhan, the purpose of our marriage is just a transaction…” she reminded him dumbly.

“Don’t you think that I came back to be a decoration when I got married?” He kept moving, his voice filled with desire.

“Is not it?”

“Grace, have you considered that I am a normal man?”

“What does that have to do with me?”

“You are my wife. It is legal to do it with you.”

After several times, Grace was exhausted and drowsy.

However, her consciousness was dominated by panic, so that she lifted her eyelids hard and looked at him with alert eyes.

Jacob hugged her into his arms, “Go to sleep.”

She pretended to close her eyes.

She didn’t open a pair of glittering pupils until she heard the sound of even breathing from the man.

Jacob slept peacefully, harmless like a baby.

Grace sighed lonely, what kind of man did she fall in love with?

It can be black and cunning, and has a deep heart.

He can also hide the knife in your smile and be gentle.

She tiptoed out of bed, Jacob frowned because of the empty arms.

Grace was afraid that he would wake up, so she did nothing but tied her hands on the bed frame.

Then she wrote a message note, which read, “In the way of a person, he will be treated!”

After doing all this, Grace left Xiang dingyuan without looking back.

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