Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 429

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Chapter 429

Grace was quickly transferred to the VIP ward.

Irene and Jacob were in the ward, waiting for Grace to wake up.

Irene said suddenly, “My sister has no addiction to drinking. If she drinks, it can only show that she is in a very bad mood.”

Jacob said, “I know.”

Irene was daring to be angry with Jacob, “She turned around, why she didn’t tell you her life experience-because you did not give her enough sense of security and trust. Master Zhan, shouldn’t you reflect on yourself??”

Jacob gave him a glance, “Didn’t I also tell her the secret I know?”

Irene was speechless.

“Why didn’t you tell her?” Irene asked.

“Because I hope that one day she can take the initiative to open up to me and tell me the secret herself.”

“Is there a difference?” Irene looked dazed.

“When she first came back, I treated her very badly because of her change of appearance. Maybe that’s why she didn’t want to tell me.”

A touch of melancholy appeared on Jacob’s face. “She must hope that she always looks the best in my heart. I hate Grace, so she dare not recognize me.”

“If one day she takes the initiative to tell him, it means she starts to trust him and rely on him again.” Longing grew in Jacob’s eyes.

“Why do I feel so tired talking to you people with high IQ?” Irene said gloomily.

Jacob fell into silence.

Irene was helpless, “Well, I wish you all, love and kill each other, grow old.”

Until dawn, Grace showed no sign of waking up.

Irene and Jacob looked at each other, their eyes seemed to be fighting silently.

“We two, who will stay to take care of her?” Irene asked stutteringly.

Obviously he wanted to blast away Jacob in his heart, but he got a lot of them to export.

“I.” Jacob couldn’t resist.

“She is not happy with you in her heart, why should you stay here to trouble her?”

Jacob stared at him, and the cold air in his eyes continued to spread.

“Don’t look at me with that look? As if I had beaten a mandarin duck. I was telling the truth. The relationship between you and her is now drawn out. Why not separate for a while and be well-“

Irene couldn’t continue, because Jacob’s eyes were too terrifying.

“Want to separate us?”

Irene wailed in his heart, and you are only allowed to separate me and your sister, but you are not allowed to separate you and my sister. Where is the law of heaven?

“Young Master Zhan, I didn’t mean to separate you. I’m just worried that she will be nervous when she wakes up and sees you—you know, when a woman is nervous, it is easy to have irregular menstruation, and you don’t want her—”

“You, go out.” Jacob was shocking.

Irene was dumbfounded.

“I can’t go, I’m her brother, my brother—”

“You haven’t recognized each other yet. It’s not.”

“Then I’ll recognize her later. Maybe my sister will get rid of her illness when she is happy.”

Jacob looked at the stubborn Irene, his eyes dark and unpredictable.

“Today is the day for the CEO of Xinxing Electronics Company to negotiate business with the CEO of Jimmy Group.” Jacob said in an orderly manner.

He didn’t believe it, he didn’t take this light bulb away.

“Zhan Shao. You don’t know me too much. In my Irene’s eyes, nothing is more important than my sister.”

“Oh, really?”

“Of course.” Irene pulled a stool and sat at the end of the bed, looking like he would not leave.

Jacob said calmly, “If they reach a conclusion, you will have to wait another three years for Chongzhen to have a chance to cooperate with Xinxing.”

Irene vowed, “Don’t say three years, its five years and ten years, I don’t care. I have to watch my sister wake up and make sure she is safe before leaving.”

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