Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 451

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Chapter 451

“Have you had dinner?” he asked lightly.

Grace shook her head. In fact, she was so hungry that her chest was pressed against her back. In order to be able to have dinner with him tonight, she deliberately came back early.

Unexpectedly, she would see the scene where she came back.

“I’m going to make dinner.” Grace jumped off the bed and ran away.

Staying with him for an extra second made her heart sore that she couldn’t breathe.

A corner of the quilt accidentally fell to the ground, and Jacob leaned over and pulled it up. He laid the quilt for her, but when he arranged the pillow, he inadvertently touched it-the pillow wet with tears.

Jacob froze for a long time.

Has this girl ever cried?

The cold heart suddenly broke the ice, but was filled with deep self-blame.

His method of testing her was a bit too cruel.

Jacob hurriedly went downstairs and stood outside the kitchen, his eyes locked on Grace’s beautiful face, which was slightly bleakly illuminated by the milky white light.

It also reflects the redness of the crying eyes.

Jacob felt a pain in his heart.

He walked over, hugged her from behind, and placed his chin on her forehead, rubbing gently.


Grace trembled slightly, very embarrassed.

“In the future, this situation will not happen again.” Jacob said.

Grace said angrily, “Zhan Ye likes other women, just go on a date with her. But don’t bring her home.”

Jacob smiled, “Is this jealous?”

“I’m just responsible for my health. Don’t you know that multi-person exercise is bad for the body and mind?”

Jacob turned her to him and looked at her tearful eyes, “She is an emotional counselor! I just asked her to help me resolve my doubts!”

Grace’s eyes widened. The golden armored warrior whose heart can endure a copper wall and iron wall, like the warrior, actually needs an emotional counselor to mediate his confusion?

Who are you lie to?

The counselor who solves the psychological problem will have a candlelight dinner with her patient?

Seeing the apparently distrustful expression in her eyes, Jacob said in frustration, “I am also a human being, and I also have joy, anger, sorrow and joy.

Grace was full of candles and flowers in her head, so she could not hear his explanation. “The Lord Zhan is happy if he is happy.”

Jacob looked helplessly at the angry little woman. Knowing that she was also stubborn, he simply adopted circuitous tactics and changed the subject, “Why come back so early today?”

Isn’t it all late for the banquet?

Grace’s brain circuit is still in the plot just now, “The war master thinks I’m coming back too early, and I won’t be back tomorrow. This way, I won’t disturb your good deeds!”

Jacob was so angry that he scolded her with a black face, “Grace. Can you speak well?”

Grace pushed him away, angered, “Zhang Ye, we were originally two people with disparity in status. As a husband and wife, I have to watch your face carefully, and humbly ask you every time I go out. And you. ?”

“You can invite an inexplicable woman back without authorization to have a candlelight dinner with her? Your true wife can’t ask you why you are doing this kind of disrespect for me?”

“Even if our wedding is spurred by false feelings, but—”

Grace couldn’t go on. She seemed to have come to the realization that this wedding was originally a fake marriage. What qualifications does she have for him?

He didn’t love her in the first place, and she was jealous. What could she change if she was unwilling?

“Sorry, Zhanye, I was impulsive.” She suddenly lowered her head to admit her mistake.

Jacob hugged her tightly into his arms, and his bowels were all blue with regret at this moment.

“It is my fault.”

Understatement of four words, but hidden endless regrets.

Knowing that eating with other women would make her so broken, he would rather be troubled by himself than test her in such a clumsy way.

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