Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 460

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Chapter 460

“Zhan Ye, who do you think I look like?” Grace calmly interfered with him.

Jacob laughed, “Is it me?”

Grace pretended to be annoyed, “War Lord, obviously I am playing the male number two in the Xingyue script——”

Jacob frowned, “Are you talking about that hypocritical, black-bellied villain in the interior?”

Grace nodded like garlic.

Seeing Jacob’s increasingly gloomy face, Grace’s head was fixed motionlessly as if by a spell.

Even if she is angry, she should look at what this place is if she wants to vent her.

Spreading wild on the tiger’s head, she was looking for death.

“Grace, won’t you be beaten for three days? You are going to go to the house to reveal the tiles?” How dare to tease him?

Grace swallowed her saliva, “Warlord, don’t be angry. I just imitated your face because I watched your face all day long, and showed you your own face. Isn’t it horrible to have no expression??”

“Master Zhan, should you smile more? Like this?” Grace grinned, revealing two neat white millet teeth.

Jacob: “…”

He admitted that he was so adorable by her cute gesture, so he didn’t intend to pursue her rude behavior towards him.

“Follow me back.” Jacob stretched out his hand.

Grace looked at his hand, and the impulse to hold him was the urge to hold him.

Janice suddenly rushed over, hugged Grace’s hand tightly, and then said to Jacob, “Brother, have you finished the game with my sister-in-law? You can do it tonight and borrow my sister-in-law give me?”

Jacob asked Grace, “Do you want to stay?”

Grace nodded.

Jacob retracted his hand, “Okay. I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning.”

After Jacob left, Grace and Janice let out a sigh of relief and collapsed to the ground.

After a long while, Janice pulled Grace up like a chicken blood, “Let’s go, go in. We should also make plans for the next step.”

Grace followed Janice, and the two collapsed on the bed. You look at me and I look at you, the horror on your face has not disappeared.

“Who is the woman on the mushroom hole?” Grace frowned and thought.

“If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I really couldn’t believe that our Tourmaline Manor hides so many untold secrets.” Janice sighed.

“My elder brother is very cold and forbidden and owes to female s3x, but the queen is perverted and dark and unreasonable. I think his dual character is schizophrenia.”

Janice seemed to think of something again, and looked at Grace in horror, “You said that when Jas grows up, will it be the same as his father’s divisive personality?”

Grace shivered. “My family Jas will not become like this anymore.”

The sound of the windows clashed, although very quiet, was particularly abrupt in the quiet night.

Grace and Janice sat up together in shock, Grace said, “The wind blows away, I will close it.”

Grace walked to the bed, closed the window, turned around and saw Janice put a hand in her mouth, staring behind her in horror.

Grace turned around abruptly and saw “Jacob” standing in front of her with a sullen face.

“Anyone who knows the mushroom tribe must die.”

She opened her mouth, and the trembling breath of death engulfed the wicked air current, making people shudder.

Grace pushed open the window——

Turning to look at the distance between the window and the ground, so high, jumping down is either dead or disabled

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