Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 428

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Chapter 428

Thinking of this!

Whether it was Tiger Lord, Dao Lord, King Kong, and others, they all hold their breaths one by one, looking nervous.

“come on!”

The thunderstorm gave a grin and suddenly exerted strength.


His muscles bulged up inch by inch, and his muscle protection was to the extreme.

And just at the moment when his protective power and mental power were most concentrated.


A soft voice suddenly came, and then…


The sound of breaking the seal one after another, like raindrops, resounded suddenly.




The pupils of the thunderstorm suddenly shrank to the size of a needle eye.

He watched, there are a few extremely tiny things flying from above the stands, densely shooting at him, bursting down!

“Drive me!”

The thunderstorm’s face flashed with cold light, full of confident arrogance.

He suddenly exerted force with both hands, and then he grabbed at those small objects.

His calloused palms suddenly grabbed a few small objects!

But at the moment of touching.

The complexion of the thunderstorm changed suddenly.

He only felt that those few grape seed-like things contained boundless violent power, making him a few steps back.

And under that terrifying power.

His calloused palm was more like a thin layer of window paper, which was completely resisted by the five major resistances, and was instantly penetrated by grape seeds.


A scene that made everyone stunned appeared.

Puff puff……

blood mist splashed out from the thunderstorm’s hands.

His palm was penetrated by a few grape seeds instantly and flew out from the back of his hand.

Then it crackled, like small bullets, blasting against the wall.



Thunderstorm’s hands trembled involuntarily, and dense blood beads dripped continuously from the hollows in his palm.

His hands have been completely beaten into a sieve.

This scene made everyone in the theater just feel that their heart was firmly grasped by an invisible big hand, almost suffocating everyone.

“Failed… defeated? The third senior brother is smelting iron bones, how could he be shot through the palm of his hand by a few grape seeds!”

When the iron-faced wolf saw this scene, his body trembled involuntarily, and he could hardly believe his eyes.

And beside him!

Duan Chun and Qi Siyuan dropped their jaws, almost peeing.

How, how is it possible!

Both of them are spoiled young masters. They have seen countless tyrannical bodyguards, but they have never seen a single person. With just a few grape seeds, a ruthless person who is known for cross-training can destroy his hands.

This is almost a mythical method, incredible.

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