Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 427

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Chapter 427

His height is about 1.7 meters, but the muscles all over his body are mixed, and it looks like a fighter machine.

Especially those hands, densely callused, with blue veins bulging on them, as if they contained boundless destructive power.

He stared straight at the crowd in Jiang City, and said sharply:

“A rat with a head and a tail, I don’t know why you didn’t show up, but you hurt my brothers one after another, and you deserve to die!”

The words fell!

Thunderstorm gave a grin, stretched out two calluses of palms in front of him, and then said with a cold voice:

“Come on, Rat! Let Master Lei see, what else can you use to hurt people?”



Everyone in Jiang City, on one side, got shocked by the strength of the mysterious man’s palm, that he could use a peach core to exert the power of a bullet, severely injuring Li Xiong in one blow, while on the other side, there was a thunderstorm in the iron-handed tiger. Live and shaking!

Especially, looking at the calluses on the palm of the thunderstorm, everyone wondered whether the mysterious spectator could still penetrate the thunderstorm!

Just, one minute, two minutes…

Time passed slowly, but there was no movement in the theater.


This scene caused the thunderstorm and everyone to frown.

“Why? Afraid? I tell you, what I am best at is practicing Kung Fu physically! If you can penetrate my body, I will have your last name!”

There was a thick sneer at the corner of Thunderstorm’s mouth, and the words were full of confidence and madness.

Just hearing this!

The voice rang again:

“Wait a minute, I will eat two more grapes!”


When this sentence resounded, both the thunderstorm on the stage and all the spectators around got stunned.

This guy is eating and vomiting?

What a special thing!

Everyone was speechless to the extreme.

Even many people in Jiang City began to look around, looking for people eating in the stands, trying to determine Shaun’s identity.

But everyone glanced around, but they didn’t find any strange person.

And just when everyone was slightly disappointed!

“Are you ready?”

That indifferent voice sounded again, instantly making everyone breathe.

They didn’t expect that this mysterious spectator would even give out a reminder.

He beat Li Xiong before, it was unexpected and unprepared.

So now, this mysterious spectator has even reminded him, and the thunderstorm is even more famous for practicing Kung Fu, can he succeed?

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