Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 459

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Chapter 459

At the same time.

Grace and Janice had already dressed up and sneaked into the back garden of Xiangdingyuan.

Grace disguised herself as Jacob, while Janice disguised herself as Grace. Two people pretend to be a husband and wife and have a lot of joy.

“Sister-in-law, I didn’t expect you to pretend to be my brother, you look alike! Especially with this look, it’s three minutes into the woods.” Janice said.

Grace said, “Your brother just has a face that has been paralyzed for thousands of years. Just keep your face straight.”

Grace followed the route in her memory and walked to the end of the bluestone slab. There is a muddy road in front. Various vines and shrubs grow densely on both sides of the road. The cold wind blows and the shadows of the trees are whirling.

Janice suddenly squeezed Grace’s hand and tremblingly said, “Is this scary?”

“Hush!” Grace said in a low voice, “I remember that I ran into that strange crawling woman here.”

Grace pulled her to squat in the bush, and then walked slowly.

Suddenly, a strange sound came from my ears. It’s like crying intermittently, and it’s like howling when a small animal leaves its mother.

The sound was far and near, high and low.

Grace and Janice hugged tightly.

The two people held their breath and listened quietly to the direction of the sound.

Then, the two slowly approached the sound.

In front was a mushroom door, and a dark head protruded from the mushroom hole, revealing a dirty face. But it’s hard to hide the exquisite features of that face.

“Ah!” Grace exclaimed in surprise. “It’s the woman in the frame!”

Janice quickly covered her mouth.

At this time, a shadow enveloped them from behind.

Grace and Janice turned their heads, and there was only sporadic light in the dark night. Vaguely recognizable, this person is – Jacob.

Janice was trembling with fright, “Big Brother, why are you here?”

The man approached them step by step, retracting his right hand into the sleeve tube, Grace saw the end of the needle tube exposed in the sleeve tube, and immediately concentrated and became vigilant.

Grace’s hands grabbed a handful of dirt in the muddy soil, and when the man approached her, she suddenly threw the dirt onto the man’s face. Then she took the opportunity to pull up Janice and ran desperately.

“Hurry up.”

Janice was completely stupid.

The man did not chase them, and the enchanting pupils glowed with evil light in the night.

Grace and Janice ran out of Xiangdingyuan in one breath, and when they were convinced that the man hadn’t caught up with them, both women sat on the ground without an image and kicked roughly.

Grace’s cell phone rang suddenly.

Seeing the words “Big Devil” flashing on the screen, Grace was shocked and shook the phone to the ground.

Janice picked up the phone, settled, and handed it to Grace. “Sister-in-law, see how he plays?”

Grace slid the screen and heard Jacob’s anxious voice, “Where?”

Grace trembled, “I am with Janice.”

“Doing what?”

Grace looked at the man’s costume he was wearing, and said, “Playing a game of cospl…ay.”

Jacob turned into the path leading to Janice’s residence, and he was dumbfounded when he saw the two people sitting at the intersection, one of them dressed up as him.

Jacob walked over lazily, putting his hands… into his trouser pockets, the expression on his face was very intriguing.

Seeing Jacob, Grace and Janice subconsciously hugged them into a group.

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