Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 466

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Chapter 466

Janice was still solemn, “Then, who is that man who looks exactly like my brother?”

Grace’s face was sad, “Who knows!”

Three days later.

When Grace was packing his luggage and preparing to leave for China, Janice didn’t know where he came out, wearing a white suit and cutting a straight hairstyle, Xiuyi’s face was more feminine and masculine.

“Sister, do you think I’m handsome?”

Grace was dumbfounded.

“Good girl, why do you smash yourself into a man?”

Janice raised Grace’s chin and flirted lightly, “From today onwards, I will guard your green leaves.”

Grace grumbled and said, “You are so good to me, I almost suspect that you were bent by me.”

Janice smacked her lips and said, “It would be great if there were no Irene and Jacob in this world. Our two like-minded girls can definitely become soul mates.”

Grace said, “Its okay for you to dress like this. You won’t be recognized by the ants hiding in the dirt in your battle family.”

And Grace, in order not to scare pedestrians, also prepared props for herself: a pair of masks and a pair of sunglasses with huge frames.

Then, the two of them flew back to the imperial capital unscrupulously.

Because the two people had little money left, in order to save their lives, the two rented a cheaper hotel and paid a three-month deposit.

Just moved in.

New Year’s Eve, as promised!

This day is also Master Yan’s birthday.

Grace was worried about the hospital’s grandfather, lying alone in the hospital bed, without a single person to speak. Her father was stricken by the mess of the company. She is afraid Irene can’t remember Grandpa’s birthday at all. So Grace wanted to visit Grandpa at Media Asia Medical Center.

She personally made a very delicate and small match cake for grandpa. Decorate with Grandpa’s favorite fruit.

Before setting off, Grace deliberately put on a mask, sunglasses, draped hair, and almost hid her entire face before setting off to the Media Asia Medical Center.

It’s still early.

Grace went straight to Grandpa’s ward.

Grandpa was lying on the hospital bed. Compared with half a year ago, Grandpa’s face seemed to be rosier.

Grace’s tears couldn’t help but drip.

She had misunderstood Jacob before, so in order to conceal her identity, she obviously missed Grandpa very much and did not dare to visit him.

Only now did she know that she was worrying too much.

“Grandpa, I’m sorry.” Grace cried, “I came to see you for so long.”

The family stayed for a limited time, and the nurse quickly came to urge her to leave. Grace put the cake on the table and left reluctantly.

When taking the elevator downstairs, the transparent glass elevator door just fell to the first floor, and Grace saw Jacob standing tall and tall outside the door.

His assistant was holding a bunch of beautiful carnations and a double layered matcha cake.

Grace seemed to be stupid, and forgot to go out.

Jacob frowned on her temperature less face, and when he saw that she didn’t mean to come out, he walked in shamelessly.

The little girl who came in behind pointed to Grace and shouted, “Mommy, she is so ugly!”

Grace was a little embarrassed by this childish voice, glanced at Jacob in a hurry, but saw him looking at her with frowning, with an impatient look.

Grace realized that her stay delayed the closing of the elevator doors, so she was unhappy.

“I’m sorry,” she said dumbly.

Then fled in embarrassment.

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