Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 433

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Chapter 433

“No…impossible! This, this is comparable to Feiye’s method of hurting people!”

King Kong was completely stunned.

If it is a peach pit or grapeseed, because it is extremely hard, if a special method is used to seriously injure a person, he can still accept it.

And now, but the long thin pepper.

This is just a vegetable!

Using vegetables to hurt people and nailing people to the wall is definitely a means comparable to flying leaves.

That is!

The other party was obviously inside the chili pepper so that this chili pepper became hard and sharp as a blade.

To pierce the human body and nail the soles of feet to the wall.



Drops of blood flowed down from the soles of Zheng Tianci’s feet, but like a sledgehammer, it hit the hearts of everyone in the theater.

Even Master Dao and Master Tiger could hardly believe their eyes at this moment.

“BoSS is so strong?”

Master Tiger and Master Dao looked at each other, and the two swallowed their spit.

They knew that Shaun was very strong.

But how could he not think that he was so strong that Feiye could hurt people?

The two finally understood at this moment.

Why did Shaun still look disdainful after the Iron-faced Gray Wolf moved out of his master King Kong and Master in the wolf hall?

So… so!

Thinking of this, the admiration of the two tyrants of Jiang City for Shaun seemed to be endless.

And on the other side!

Iron-faced Gray Wolf, Duan Chun, and Qi Siyuan were completely dumbfounded.

“This guy turned out to be so strong! No wonder my wolf hall was destroyed, no wonder…”

Dense cold sweat trickled down from the iron-faced gray wolf’s forehead.

There was an ominous premonition in his heart.

Not only him!

Qi Siyuan behind was almost scared to pee.

Before he restored his original plan, and after this boxing match, he asked King Kong to send someone to capture Shaun.

And now!

He only had luck in his heart. Fortunately, he hadn’t spoken yet. Fortunately, Shaun appeared ahead of time. Otherwise, he would provoke Shaun’s fate again and it would be extremely miserable for him.

Thinking of this!

Qi Siyuan couldn’t help but walked toward the back and slowly retreated.

In the Bai Group!

The atmosphere was deadly silent. At this moment, almost everyone’s eyes widened, almost unable to believe their eyes.

“Is this a stunt?” Elvira’s eyes widened and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Pepper pierced the soles of the feet and nailed person to the wall?

Isn’t this a joke?

The scene before her can be said to be completely beyond Elvira’s scope of cognition.

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