Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 432

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Chapter 432


“No… impossible!”

With a look of ghosts on Elvira’s face, she shook her head quickly.

“This person’s voice is similar to Shaun, it’s not Shaun!”

“Moreover, at this time, Shaun should be at home, it is impossible to appear in the theater!”

“Also, although Shaun also has some skill and is very good at fighting, it is absolutely impossible to penetrate a person’s body with a few peach pits and grape seeds!”

Elvira quickly shook her head and threw this absurd guess out of her mind.

Then she looked nervously into the video.


After the mysterious voice sounded, Zheng Tianci, the ghost foot on the high platform, seemed to have suffered great humiliation, and he was suddenly angry.

A pepper?

This bastard dared to say that he couldn’t pick up a chili pepper in the name of his ghost foot. This is to rub his dignity to the ground.

Damn it.

Right now, the ghost foot Zheng Tianci wants to curse.

But at this moment!


A sound of breaking the wind sounded, and then everyone was stunned to see that there was actually a green pepper, making a whistling sound of breaking through the air, and once again flew towards the high platform.

“Huh! Idiot things, what power can a pepper have!”

The moment Zheng Tianci saw the pepper, a thick look of contempt suddenly appeared on his face.

Then, when the soles of the feet touched the ground, he wanted to violently kick the chili peppers flying away.

At this moment!

That pepper, as if it had been infused with a certain kind of breath, was as straight as a blade, especially its speed was much faster than Zheng Tianci expected.

Even more terrifying is the angle of this pepper.

Zheng Tianci had just kicked out his ghost feet, but he was shocked to find that when he was swinging his legs, he was slightly stagnant.

Just when he kicked the sole of his foot into the air!


The hot pepper turned out to be like a sharp blade, piercing his ghost feet fiercely.


Zheng Tianci got taken aback, especially feeling the sharp pain on the soles of his feet. His face was brushed as white as paper.

This is more than that.

He only felt that there was a kind of terrifying power on the pepper, piercing the sole of his foot for a moment, and flying his whole body towards the back.

Ding! !!

The blood-stained sharp pepper head pierced the wall behind.

The soles of Zheng Tianci’s feet were also completely nailed to the wall.

This scene looked extremely strange.

Zheng Tianci’s sole was lifted high, but it was nailed to the wall, and it was a chili pepper that was nailed through the sole of his foot.


It’s incredible.

After seeing this scene, everyone in the theater stood up in horror.

One by one kept rubbing their eyes, almost doubting everything they saw.

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