Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 431

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Chapter 431

“When the fourth disciple of King Kong, Li Xiong, was the most arrogant, the mysterious spectator only used a peach core to penetrate his body!”

“And just now, the third disciple of King Kong appeared to provoke him. The mysterious spectator also penetrated his hands with a few grape seeds!”


As soon as these words came out, Elvira’s eyes almost fell out.

What did she say?

Peaches, grape seeds?

Destroyed the two masters?

How this is possible!

“President, this is true! We saw it with our own eyes just now, and even this has almost frightened the group of Yunhai people!” The male colleague said while watching the video.

And when he saw that there was another guy who jumped onto the battlefield in a flash and replaced the injured three disciples after the thunderstorm, he was suddenly ecstatic:

“President, look quickly, King Kong’s second disciple Ghost Feet-Zheng Tianci, is on the stage!”


Hearing this, Elvira, Xiaoyun, and others looked towards the video one after another.

Then they saw it suddenly.

The thunderstorm that was injured before has already been cured.

In the sea of clouds camp, everyone’s complexion was gloomy and terrifying, and some of the fear on their faces.

Even Elvira saw a few acquaintances from the footage of the video.

Duan Chun!

Qi Siyuan!

Elvira didn’t expect that the two young masters who had been beaten by Shaun before were also watching the battle.

Just when Elvira was in a daze.

The ghost fleet in the video-Zheng Tianci, speak!

“Your excellency is so ruthless, he abolished my three juniors!”

“In that case, I, as the second senior come to challenge!”

Zheng Tianci finished.


One of his feet suddenly stretched out, and then, like lightning, he flew several times in front of him in an instant!


Zheng Tianci is worthy of the name of ghost feet. He is as fast as lightning just between his feet.

Especially the sole seemed to contain extremely terrifying strength, causing the surrounding air to scream.

Just at this moment!

The indifferent voice came again:

“Huh? There is something on your feet! It’s a pity that you are a little slow between swinging your legs! I’m afraid that a hot pepper will be hard to pick up!”


After Shaun’s words resounded, the atmosphere in the theater suddenly calmed down.

Especially, when the voice fell in Elvira’s ears, it made her tremble, and she could hardly believe her ears.

This voice is similar to Shaun’s voice?

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