Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 467

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Chapter 467

After Grace left, Jacob entered Master Yan’s ward with a sullen face.

Guan Xiao put the flowers in the vase and put the cake on the table by the window.

When he saw an exquisite matcha cake on the table, Guan Xiao screamed in surprise.


Standing beside the hospital bed, Jacob was quietly looking at the sleeping Master Yan. Suddenly hearing Guan Xiao’s surprised voice, Jacob turned his head.

Guan Xiao was already holding a small matcha cake and came to Jacob, “President, look. Someone has come before us.”

When Jacob saw the exquisite cake, the English letters “happy” made of fruits on the cake, his pupils suddenly enlarged.

Suddenly he stretched out his hand, rubbed a little matcha cake on the edge of the cake with his finger, then put it in his mouth and tasted it slowly.

The familiar taste made his heart bloom with joy.

Jacob was crazy and suddenly ran outside.

He was sure that Irene had come back.

The cake is the work of Irene.

He took the elevator to chase out the door of Media Asia, but he didn’t see a familiar figure.

He turned around annoyed, Grace stood quietly opposite him.

Seeing him looking for her so anxiously, Grace felt sad and happy.

But after Jacob’s gaze swept over her, she quickly shifted without staying too much.

Grace’s heart became cold again.

She slowly passed him and walked outside the door of Huanya.

Jacob returned to the ward in frustration without seeing the lingering people.

What a coincidence, Irene also brought the cake to see Master Yan.

Seeing Jacob, she immediately rushed over in anger.

“Jacob, why do you have the face to come here? You killed my sister, today I want to avenge her? I want to kill you?”

Guan Xiao stopped Irene, “Young Master Yan, please calm down. The president of my family is also very sad when your sister is victimized.”

“He is sad? I think he is more energetic than ever, where is he like someone who has been hurt?”

Guan Xiao laughed dumbly.

His president’s natural skin is good, and his desolation and hagginess can’t change his gorgeous posture.

No wonder the president!

“Young Master Yan, our president is a person who is indifferent to emotions and anger. You can’t see that he is sad, but he is good at managing his emotions.”

“Don’t put gold on his face. From my point of view, he is hypocritical. Different appearances, squid!”

Jacob stared at Irene with cold eyes, “Guan Xiao, let him go.”

Guan Xiao retreated to the side.

Irene waved his fist towards Jacob, but was held up in the air by Jacob’s hand.

“Jue Zhan Han, I really believed your nonsense when I was really flooded in my mind. Facts have proved that there is nothing good for my sister to meet you. You must have harmed her!” Irene struggled hard but couldn’t get rid of Zhan Han at all. The shackles of the Lord

Jacob said angrily: “Irene, can you use your brain before speaking?”

Jacob let go, and Irene fell to the ground.

Angrily stared at Jacob, “Do you have any evidence that you are not the murderer of my sister?”

Jacob retorted, “No.”

Guan Xiao was afraid that Jacob’s answer would cause Irene to misunderstand him with the president’s answering, so he simply defended the president and said, “But you don’t have any evidence that the president will harm her?”

“Of course there is, as soon as my sister gets close to him, something will happen.”

Guan Xiao reminded him, “Young Master Yan, please show solid evidence. All speculations and speculations are not the basis for conviction.”

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