Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 468

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Chapter 468

Irene said angrily, “No.”

Jacob was lazy to deal with Irene, and directly instructed Guan Xiao, “Guan Xiao, go to monitor immediately. I want to know the owner of this matcha cake.”

“Yes.” Guan Xiao turned around and walked out.

Irene stared at Jacob angrily.

Jacob said quietly, “Irene’s death was not an accident. Someone deliberately murdered her.”

Irene was indignant, “Who else is there but you?”

“Irene seems to know a secret she shouldn’t know, so someone is going to kill her.”

“This person pretends to be me, making Irene mistakenly believe that I am the one who is going to kill her.”

After a pause, she said in a daze, “For a long time, she didn’t dare to open her heart to me, and even guarded me everywhere. This made me not strong enough to protect her…”

He glanced at Irene, “If you know something inside, you must tell me the truth. This is very important for me to find the murderer.”

“Mushroom door?” Irene got up from the ground.

Jacob looked at him suspiciously, “You also know?”

Irene said solemnly, “I don’t know. But my sister used to dream of calling these three words before a car accident in her previous life…”

Jacob’s fist clenched, “This person has persecuted her twice and three times, and I will let him die without a place to be buried!”

Irene sneered, “Just pretend…”

Jacob said: “If you put your energy on me, the murderer will only get away with it.”

Irene was a little shaken!

Guan Xiao came back soon. Surveillance video has been obtained.

“President, look at the surveillance!” Guan Xiao opened the surveillance video copied from the phone and handed it to Jacob.

Irene immediately surrounded him.

He saw in the video, a girl wearing a big mask, wearing giant framed sunglasses, and her long hair randomly scattered on both sides of her cheeks, carrying a matcha cake and walking into Master Yan’s ward.

Then sat on the bedside chair and wept silently.

Irene yelled, “Jacob, what happened to your public security? Can such a mental patient be brought in casually? What if she hurts my grandfather?”

Jacob scolded him angrily, “Shut up.”

However, Irene said more and more vigorously, “You are mismanaged by Media Asia, why don’t you let me talk?”

Jacob ordered Guan Xiao: “Tie him up and plug his mouth.”

Irene made the final struggle, “You won’t let me say, I just want to say. You let the neurosis enter my grandpa’s room…uuuuu…”

Guan Xiao tied him to the Roman column in the ward with an infusion tube, and put a large tuft of medical cotton into his mouth.

Irene calmed down completely.

Jacob looked at the quiet girl wearing a mask and sunglasses in the video, and suddenly raised her hand and slapped himself severely…

Irene spit out the cotton in his mouth, “f*ck, Guan Xiao, isn’t your CEO any irritated? Go to the doctor, the psychiatrist is right.”

Guan Xiao picked up the transparent glue from the side and directly sealed his mouth.

Jacob closed his eyes, regret overflowing in his eyes, “Guan Xiao, the girl in the elevator is his wife.”

Guan Xiao was shocked.

My wife is really troubled!

“President, do you want me to check…”

“Well, don’t disturb her. Also, remember to log in to all accounts of Janice…”

“Yes. President.”

Irene’s shocked eyes almost fell to the ground.

The girl who visited grandpa is not crazy, but his sister?

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