Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 435

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Chapter 435


At this moment, the atmosphere in the theater was extremely strange, and everyone was waiting to see the mysterious spectator.

It’s just a disappointment!

After they waited for a full ten minutes, the mysterious spectator did not even say a word.

“Could it be, is that person scared? If so, then King Kong guessed it correctly. The other party must have used some shameful means to create such a sensational effect! Maybe he is a liar!”

“Yes, if you are a grandmaster, how can you be afraid of the challenge of a King Kong!”

“It seems that we have all been deceived, that person is not a master!”


Among the crowd in Jiangshi, the voices of the discussion gradually rose.

Seeing that Shaun did not show up to the challenge, almost everyone agreed with King Kong’s statement.

The mysterious spectator is not a master.

Before, it was just bluffing, using some ulterior tactics, nothing more!

Otherwise, how can he not dare to show up.

At this moment, after hearing the extremely noisy comments from the crowd, the expressions of Lord Tiger and Lord Dao looked ugly.

They do not believe that their boss is a bluff.

In their eyes!

A character like King Kong has no qualifications to challenge Shaun at all.

“I should go!”

Thinking of this, Lord Tiger immediately got up from his seat.

Right now, he wants to take the stage for a challenge.

But at this moment!

Shaun, who had been silent for a long time, once again resounded his indifferent voice:

“Kill the chicken with a sledgehammer! Tiger, find a quick-responsive kid to come on stage! You just need to have some foundation, not much strength!”


When they heard the words of the mysterious spectator, which resounded again.

All the people in the theater got stunned.


Could this mysterious spectator be talking to Lord Tiger?


In an instant, the entire theater was fried again.

On the site of Jiangshi, whoever sees the black tiger should be respectfully called Tiger Lord.

And tiger?

This person is definitely looking for death.

However, a scene that shocked everyone appeared.

After hearing this, Lord Tiger not only showed any anger on his face but a glorious joy.

It seems that being able to be called a tiger’ is the supreme glory of his tiger master.

He quickly pointed to one of his subordinates and said:

“Monkey, you react faster! It’s your turn, come on stage!”

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