Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 479

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Chapter 479

The head nurse suddenly answered an emergency call, hung up, and hurriedly said to Grace, “Miss Luo, there is a new critically ill patient in the inpatient department. I need to go over and deal with it. You will take care of the president here. “

Grace nodded quickly, “Yes.”

After the head nurse left, Grace and Jacob were left in the huge room.

Grace suddenly felt a bit impulsive in her decision.

She was afraid that Jacob would make a demon when he found out that she was ugly.

Jacob looked at Grace who was walking around in the middle of the room. Her expressions of anxiety, timidity and cringe fell into his eyes.

“I’m a new nurse with no experience. Should I go to the nurse’s station to apply for you to change a familiar hand?” Grace suddenly walked in front of him, her voice deliberately becoming thick and hoarse.

Jacob looked at her for an instant, his thin charming lips opened slightly because of surprise.

He deliberately made himself alcohol allergic to see her, but she dare not face him because of inferiority?

“My condition is not serious. You, a novice, just take care of me.” Jacob said.

Grace suddenly took off her mask, “The president sees my face, are you still willing to let me take care of you?”

Grace herself didn’t know what she was doing, anyway, her mind was messy at the moment, and she couldn’t think about the problem at all.

Jacob frowned, “Do I look like someone who judges people by appearance?”

Grace was slightly startled…obviously when first time he saw her in the elevator, his eyes were disgusting.

Grace put on the mask again, “Thanks to the president, I will do my best to serve you.”

Jacob’s eyebrows were dyed with a smile, “Then can you order me a takeaway now?”

“Sorry, I don’t have a cell phone.”

Jacob handed her his mobile phone, “Use mine.”

Grace didn’t answer, but just said, “The Medical Department of Media Asia provides meals for patients.”

“I want to eat outside.”

Grace had to order a takeaway for him.

When she returned the phone to him after ordering, Jacob said, “I don’t use what others have used. I will give it to you.”

Grace’s star eyes opened wide…

The death of this guy aroused a lot of anger.

Jacob looked at her blankly, “Give you a mobile phone, why are you staring at me?”

Grace was unbearable and angrily, “President, I’m very sorry, I have used the air in this world. Do you want to move to Mars?”

Jacob: “…”

Grace unceremoniously carried the mobile phone into her clothes bag. She is worried about not using her mobile phone!

After a while, the takeaway came.

Grace stuffed the takeaway into the hands of Jacob, and then sat on the side.

Looks upright.

Jacob looked at her, “Feed me.”

“You have good hands, why can’t you eat it yourself?”

“I am a patient! The patient is the God here!”

“God is amazing? If God has the ability, don’t get sick?” Grace gave him a blank look.

Jacob: “…”

He couldn’t say she was, so he looked at Grace sadly with a pair of full-powered eyes!

Grace was finally overwhelmed by his handsome plan, turned back to the bed, and fed him the takeaway rice porridge.

Jacob frowned slightly when he saw the rice porridge with clear soup and little water.

But still enjoy her care.

After Jacob finished a bowl of white rice porridge, Grace thought he could stop for a while, but he stretched out a hand towards Grace.

“Help me out of bed and walk.”

Grace was completely impressed by his vigor, “President, the patient needs to rest in bed.”

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