Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 478

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Chapter 478

He was awakened by this strange nightmare, and he suddenly sat up, kicking arrogantly.

The eastern sky just revealed a hint of whiteness.

He didn’t sleep anymore and got up to wash.

Thinking of meeting her today, he deliberately shaved himself and washed his face.

He must go to see her in the best spirit.

Media Asia Medical Department.

Grace came to the head nurse’s office early.

Standing modestly and cautiously in front of the head nurse, she bowed, “Please advise.”

The head nurse raised her eyes and glanced at the clock on the wall, with an incredible expression in her eyes.

Other employees may have just gotten out of bed, but this woman who was put on the cusp of the president can suffer more than anyone else.

“You come with me.”

The head nurse took Grace to Master Yan’s ward and gave a general explanation of the patient’s condition, “The patient’s limbs are weak and breathing muscles are weak. He was previously diagnosed with progressive muscular dystrophy by other hospitals. Later, he passed through experts in our hospital many times. The joint consultation was diagnosed as a severe physical disorder.”

Grace had never heard of physical disorder. The head nurse explained, “A disease of autonomic disorder, which is mostly related to anxiety. However, it is the first case of a person as serious as him. The lack of patients Survival power!”

Grace’s eyes were reddish, and she choked, “I see!”

“If it is a simple physical disorder, it is not a serious illness. However, the patient is intolerant to neuro-adjusting anti-anxiety drugs, which is the difficulty of treatment. Therefore, to take care of such patients, psychological counseling is the mainstay.”

“Yeah.” Grace remembered one by one in her heart.

“Also, in order to prevent muscle atrophy, he must be injected with muscle nutrition medicine every day.”

Grace thought for a while and said, “Head nurse, can you teach me how to inject medicinal solution for him today?”

She wanted to help Grandpa better and make him stand up faster. She is willing to do everything herself.

The head nurse handed the indwelling needle to her and pointed to a protruding blue vein on the back of the old lady’s hand, “Would you like to try to replace the indwelling needle for him?”

Grace carefully took the tape from the back of her grandfather’s hand.

Suddenly, there were hurried footsteps outside, and some people shouted, “Where is the head nurse? Call her quickly, the president is sick, and immediately arrange a ward for the president?”

The head nurse and Grace were frightened suddenly.

The two rushed out and saw a few nurses pushing the president’s surgical cart quickly to the nurses station.

“What’s the matter?” the head nurse asked after catching up.

“The president is allergic to alcohol. He needs to be hospitalized for observation for a few days.”

“Arrange to enter the supreme VIP ward immediately!” The head nurse looked back and glanced at Grace in a meaningful way.

“You come with me.”

Grace nodded, “Yeah.”

Supreme VIP Ward.

When the head nurse and Grace first entered, several consultation physicians deliberately confessed to the head nurse: “Although the president’s allergies this time are relatively mild, since the president’s previous allergies will spread and spread to other organs. You must not take it lightly. You must never leave people here 24 hours a day.”

The head nurse nodded nervously, “Yes.”

Grace looked at the man lying on the hospital bed, with a white torn face, even when he was ill, he was also posing a proud expression. An image of arrogance.

Grace really wanted to beat him up, knowing he was allergic to alcohol, why did he drink alcohol?

After the doctor left, Jacob slowly opened his eyes.

Dark stars burst out from the faint pupils.

“I’m thirsty, you go and pour me water.” He looked at Grace, his voice very weak.

Grace immediately went to pick him up a cup of warm pure water. Fold it back and pass it to him.

Jacob looked at her, “I have no strength, feed me.”

Grace handed the water glass to his mouth again!

I wondered, why is this guy so sick when he is sick?

Isn’t it always the face of “don’t ask for anything”?

When Jacob drank the water, his deep eyes were locked sharply on Grace’s face.

Grace turned away, not wanting him to see her ugly face. She was afraid he will look at her with disgust and indifference when he knows it.

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