Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 448

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Chapter 448

“Shaun is Master Lin! Oh my God, I wanted to kill him?”

When the iron-faced gray wolf thought of this, the whole person shuddered in Lingling.


at this time!

Duan Chun on the side screamed.

He saw a ghost all over his face, and shouted at the top ten martial arts masters:

“Master Kong, you must have admitted the wrong person! How could he be Master Lin?”

“He is so young. Don’t be fooled by this guy!”

Duan Chun screamed.

It is unbelievable!


And hearing this, the rest of Jiang City couldn’t help but agree.

That’s right, they are in the same camp as Shaun, but in their eyes, Shaun is a young man whether it is his voice or figure.

And this kind of character is a master?

I’m afraid this is something that he has done hard training in his mother’s womb.

At this moment, everyone looked at Kong Sheng and others, full of doubts in their minds.

But hearing this!


Old man Kong Sheng snorted coldly, then glanced at the people below, and said with a disdainful face:

“A group of rats, what do you know!”

“Master Lin is the terrifying existence of Feiye’s wounding, and it is he who gave the instructions and made the old man’s strength soar!”

“Could it be that the old man can’t believe that he won’t succeed!”


Hearing this, even the people below, no matter how much doubt and disbelief, have to admit at this moment that Kong Sheng is right.

This mysterious spectator turned out to be a young master.

It’s more than that!

Kong Sheng asked Shaun carefully at this moment:

“Master Lin, I didn’t expect it to be you! I offended you just now, I hope you will forgive me!”

Kong Sheng couldn’t help looking down towards his injured disciple King Kong and others, then asked confusedly:

“By the way, King Kong and others didn’t recognize your voice at all.”

Hearing this, the vajra masters and disciples below twitch their mouths, revealing a deep bitterness.

Yes, they don’t understand, how special is this situation.

Did they come to worship Grandmaster?

As a result, did you work with others?

In particular, are they scrapped from the beginning to the end?

Is there anything sadder in this world?

“Naturally because of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf!” A hint of playfulness appeared at the corner of Shaun’s mouth.

And his words!

Changed the expressions of Kong Sheng and everyone else and they all looked at the Iron-faced Gray Wolf.

In his gaze, everything was stunned and cold.


At this moment, the iron-faced gray wolf only felt as if he was being penetrated by a series of sharp swords, making him cold.

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