Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 477

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Chapter 477

“The sun never sets the empire” was silent for a long time.

Then type a line of words: “Do you want to see him every day?”

Grace said without thinking: “Of course!”

The sun never sets empire: “I wish your dreams come true!”

Grace: “Thank you!”

The sun never sets empire: “I don’t have to pay back the money, I am willing to bet.”

Grace was dumbfounded: Since it’s not for money, why ask her to single out?

The sun never sets Empire: “If you encounter unhappy things at work, come here to find your brother, and your brother will enlighten you!”


Grace stunned and quit the game in a panic.

Janice was sitting on the hanging chair on the balcony and saw Grace’s expression wrong. Spit the swollen apple in your mouth into the trash can.

“Sister Irene, what’s the matter with you?”

Grace was still angry, and exclaimed, “If the sun never sets, the empire molested me, so he claims to be my brother?”

Janice almost choked to death with saliva…

People who are so cautious and prudent like elder brother sometimes capsize.

The true feelings were revealed in front of the sister-in-law, causing her lungs to burst.

Soon, Jacob’s text messages were sent to Janice’s mobile phone.

“How did you quit the game?”

Janice almost laughed. The eldest brother was so clever and confused for a while, he had offended his sister-in-law and didn’t know what was wrong.

Janice kindly reminded him, “Why are you calling yourself older brother in front of her? How lighthearted?”

Jacob: “…”

“She quit the game because of this?”

Thinking of her chasing after him and calling him elder brother since childhood, the corners of her mouth rose in joy.

Janice replied with a message: “Yes, my sister-in-law is so angry that her face is green.”

Jacob was very disappointed and said, “I didn’t know how happy she was when she called me that as a child.”

Finally a sigh! “Sure enough, it’s the women’s college who did not stay here!”

Janice laughed and wailed: “Brother, sister-in-law doesn’t know that the empire is you if the sun never sets!”

There was a warm current in Jacob’s heart!

It turned out that she only called him that!

“Go to bed early!”

After Jacob sent the last message, he smirked for a long time while holding the phone.

The heart that had been exhausted for a long time suddenly looked forward to something.

Hope to come early tomorrow, he will let her see him as she wishes.

Outside the window, the night was sultry.

Unconsciously, the cold winter has passed quietly.

The dark starry sky was brightened by the appearance of the North Star.

The Begonia flowers in early spring bloomed splendidly, blooming in the night.

Jacob stood by the window, staring at the North Star.

It took a long time to return to bed and soon fell asleep.

He had a dream…

In the dream, he heard the sound of the glass window breaking and falling to the ground.

Hear the sound of Grace falling down the building.

In the dream, he seemed to have superpowers. He almost ran to the accident site at the fastest speed and picked up Grace who was lying on the ground. He saw her face filled with glass ballast.

In the dream, after he woke up, he smiled at himself.

“Thank you, Brother Jie.” She said in a daze.

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