Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 447

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Chapter 447


Ten people going together!

Seeing this scene everyone went into an uproar.

“Oh my God, is it possible that the top ten Chinese martial arts masters in the south of the Yangtze River, want to attack this mysterious spectator together?”

“Unbelievable! He is nothing in front of these top ten martial arts masters.”


There were a lot of discussions.

Elvira was panicked, frightened, and perturbed.

Not only her!

After seeing the ten great martial arts masters walking in the direction of Shaun at the same time, everyone in the theater also boiled.

“Hahaha… it’s over! My master and other martial arts masters are going to take a shot together! This kid is destroyed!” The iron-faced gray wolf’s face was full of joy.

On the side, Duan Chun’s smile almost reaches to the extreme.

He couldn’t wait to see Shaun’s miserable.

Even King Kong and others have extremely complex expressions.


Da da da!

Kong Sheng and the other ten people walked together in front of Shaun.

Everyone was waiting for the moment of their action, and the scene which shocked everyone appeared!


The ten great martial arts masters in the south of the Yangtze River unexpectedly bowed to Shaun:

“Grandmaster Lin!!!”

All these voices were uniform as if Hong Zhong blew up in the theater.

After hearing this, Hu Ye and the others, who originally wanted to step forward to besiege, swept back and forth, all of them froze on the spot, almost unable to believe their eyes.

And aside!

The ecstasy on the faces of King Kong, Li Xiong, Zheng Tianci, Thunderstorm, and others completely solidified.

Their eyes got widen and round, and they looked like ghosts.

“Did I heard something wrong just now? What did the master call that person?” King Kong shook his head vigorously.

At this moment, he thought he had hallucinations.

Next to him, Thunderstorm and the other three people swallowed their spit.

Then the three of them responded stiffly to King Kong:

“Master, your Master just called that person… Master Lin!”

“Yes, he is Master Lin!”



These words of Lin Zongshi seemed to contain a mighty force, instantly causing King Kong’s huge body as large as a hill to tremble fiercely again, and he almost fell to the ground.

However, King Kong was shocked, but some people were more shocked than him.

The smiles on the faces of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf and Duan Chun were frozen.

“No…impossible! How could he be Master Lin! This guy is so young!”

Iron-faced Gray Wolf and Duan Chun only felt their scalp numb at this moment.


That’s right, his master only said that Master Lin’s strength was extraordinary and unfathomable, but he never said that Master Lin was this young.

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