Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 498

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Chapter 498

Janice: “What the hell is love? What the hell is it?”

Grace: “This world is so beautiful, only you are my pride. I want to declare in the world that you are stamped with the mark of love.”

The melodious melody, sung from the mouths of two drunks, is worse than crying.

Guan Xiao’s heart beats with the ups and downs of the woman’s voice, reaching the top of the world for a while and reaching the abyss of hell. Guan Xiao sighed secretly: These two women sang death! “

After finally dragging the two women into the welfare house, the president ordered Guan Xiao and others: “Go outside and wait for me!”

The faces of Guan Xiao and the bodyguard immediately showed an expression of escape after the catastrophe.

Several people escaped faster than rabbits.

Janice fell on the sofa casually, seeming to be tired from singing, and her voice became lower and weaker, “What the hell is love?”

Then she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Grace didn’t take the usual route, and was usually gentle and demure. After being drunk, it is wild and unruly.

Jacob hugged her to the bed, and she got up from the bed and stood.

Jacob was afraid that she would fall to the ground, so he had to lay her down again.

But she stood up stubbornly again.

Jacob was helpless, and finally simply suppressed her.

Grace stared at him angrily, “What do you want to do to me?”

Jacob saw her blushing and angrily look so cute, and couldn’t help teasing her. “What do you mean?”

He reached out to touch her face, and finally his slender fingers fell to her lips.

Grace originally appeared to be submissive, making him unprepared. This suddenly turned her head and bit his finger…

“Grace, let go, are you a dog?”

Grace was forced to let go of her mouth with a big hand. But he said, “If my old lady bites you, you won’t have Yan.”

Jacob was slightly startled, this girl even knows her surname is Yan when she is drunk?

It seems that she still regards herself as Irene subconsciously, right?

Blood came out of his fingers, Jacob frowned in pain.

“You bit me?” Jacob said coldly.

“Who let you bully my man?”

Jacob sullenly, “Who is your man?”


“She is a woman!”

Jacob knew that putting these two women with weird brain circuits together would definitely cause trouble.

Grace said in a serious manner: “What about a woman? I and her are both lost lovers in Tianya. We cherish each other, and we also decided to go abroad to obtain a license to get married… to be a soul mate.”

Jacob glanced at Janice on the sofa, and saw her sharp plank. He is convinced of Grace’s words.

It seems that Grace is not the only person who should see a psychiatrist, but also his bold sister.

“You and Janice can’t get married.” Jacob lifted Grace’s chin, forcing her to look up at his iceberg face. Trying to brainwash her.

“Two women get married, who earns money and who has children?”

“We don’t want to earn money or have children.”

“Then what do you eat?”

“Brother Jie will support us.”

Jacob: “…”

Why does he raise two little women who betrayed him together?

It is kind to them not to throw them into the sea to feed the sharks.

Not knowing what he thought of, Grace grinned suddenly, “When the time comes, I will attack her, and the husband and wife will return the family!”

Jacob was so angry-just want to throw this woman into the bathtub to wake up.

He thought so, and did so.

Only after stripping her clothes did he discover that she was allergic.

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