Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 468

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Chapter 468

Not only her!

Baishan and Paula also shook their heads in disappointment.

In the eyes of the husband and wife, Shaun’s taste is simply too bad.

The golden shell, the fat keyboard, I am afraid that the old people are not willing to use such rubbish things.

Just at this moment!

Baishan saw Zhang Tianli next to him, he got slightly taken aback:

“Zhang Tianli, are you uncomfortable here? Why are you sweating?”


Baishan’s words instantly stunned everyone around him, and they turned to look at Zhang Tianli.

Seeing Zhang Tianli’s dense forehead, dripping sweat, looking at the pale face, they all choked.

“Zhang Tianli, are you okay? Don’t scare me, our Chu family is all dependent on your design?”

At this moment, Chu Yu was so scared by Zhang Tianli that his face was pale, and he hurried forward to ask.

And the Elvira family is also full of worry and solemnity.

Just hearing this!

Zhang Tianli waved his hand:

“I’m fine!”

After that, under everyone’s stunned gaze, he actually walked slowly towards Shaun.

Especially, his eyes didn’t leave the old machine in Shaun’s hand from beginning to end.

“Little sir, I don’t know if I have the honor to take a look at your phone?”


When Zhang Tianli’s respectful and perturbed voice came, the atmosphere in the entire living room got quiet.

Both Chu Yu and Elvira’s family couldn’t believe their ears.

What did they hear?

Zhang Tianli, a top Chinese mobile phone designer, is now asking Shaun to see his mobile phone?

Could this phone be extraordinary?

Thinking of this, the hearts of Chu Yu and Elvira’s family instantly raised to their throats, their faces full of incredible.

“You can!”

Shaun looked helpless.

The moment he took out the phone, he knew that the old guy in front of him would definitely be able to recognize it, and then he threw the phone over at will.


Shaun’s random throw fell in Zhang Tianli’s eyes, almost frightening him.

He grabbed the phone in a hurry, and then hold it in the palm of his hand.

“Yes! It’s it, it really is it!”

At this moment, Zhang Tianli’s hands holding the phone were shaking.

His turbid old eyes, as if seeing an incredible fetish, burst with hot light:

“Tungsten steel gold, Tiger Shark keys! Oh my God, I really didn’t expect that, I would be lucky enough to see this phone!”

Hands holding drag!

Shaking all over!


The words of Zhang Tianli instantly changed the expressions of Chu Yu and Elvira’s family.

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