Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 469

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Chapter 469


They simply can’t understand what is so extraordinary about this old phone that can make Zhang Tianli, a top mobile phone designer, tremble with excitement and madness.

Especially Chu Yu.

His face became ugly. After all, just now, he was laughing at Shaun’s phone considering it vulgar and extremely trash, and now, is he going to be slapped?

Thinking of this, Chu Yu asked nervously:

“Zhang Tianli, isn’t this cell phone just an old phone sold at a street stall?”

“Look at this tacky shell, this fat keyboard! What’s so special about this other than the obsolete Nokia old version?”

Chu Yu could not understand at all.

With all the knowledge of mobiles, how could Zhang Tianli be so excited?

It’s just that his words just came out!

Zhang Tianli suddenly seemed to have been stepped on his tail, his face full of anger, jumped and cursed:

“Chu Yu, what do you really know!”

“Tacky shell, fat keyboard, you are a fart! Did you know that this phone was seven years ago…”

Zhang Tianli jumped his feet excitedly, and now he wanted to say the word ‘Devil Machine’.

But at this moment!


Shaun’s unchecked cough suddenly resounded from the side.

Although the voice was not loud, it fell in Zhang Tianli’s ears, but it was like a thunderstorm, making his expression transient.

What he was about to say, he swallowed back abruptly.


This scene stunned everyone around, and Bai Shan asked curiously:

“Zhang Tianli, you just wanted to say something, what happened about this phone seven years ago?”

The appetite of the Baishan family was completely lifted.

But it never occurred to them that Zhang Tianli had only said half of his words.

“It’s the piece from seven years ago…”

As Zhang Tianli spoke, he glanced at Shaun next to him impenetrably, full of tension and anxiety.

After seeing Shaun shook his head slightly, he could only sigh for a long time, and gave up the thought of revealing the origin of this phone:

“This is a piece of old Nokia!”


Upon hearing Zhang Tianli’s words, Chu Yu and the Elvira family got shocked.

When he screamed, everyone thought this was a great phone, now he actually said it is an old Nokia seven years old?

Is this a joke?

In an instant, a deep disappointment appeared on the faces of Elvira’s family.

Chu Yu, who was next to him, even continued to laugh:

“Hahaha… Mr. Zhang, I didn’t expect that you would also say a joke!”

“I thought you really saw the extraordinary features of this phone? It turns out that you are deliberately teasing Shaun!”

Chu Yu immediately thought that Zhang Tianli was humiliating Shaun.

after all!

First, how great Shaun’s mobile phone is, and then said it is the old version of Nokia so that Shaun is absolutely ashamed to the extreme.

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