Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 497

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Chapter 497

“Where are you taking my man?”

Grace swayed to follow, Jacob was in front of her, and his handsome face was gloomy.

“Who am I?”

Grace looked at him, blinked dumbly, and then reached out and rubbed her eyes, with a confused expression, “Handsome man, have I seen you where?”

Jacob looked at her coldly, gritted his teeth and said, “What do you think?”

Grace smiled stupidly, “I’m very familiar with handsome guys. Although I am familiar with seeing you, I definitely haven’t seen you. Because all my good luck has been super invincible in my life and my previous life. The handsome guy Jacob ran out of that bastard.”

Jacob’s handsome face twitched.

Grace had one sentence. He was praised and scolded, and his paralyzed face couldn’t tell whether to cry or laugh.

Sure enough, Grace was very familiar with reaching out and hooking her shoulders, drunk.

She does not know how much alcohol she drank, and being drunk became such a virtue.

“Handsome guy, will you fight?”

Jacob frosted his face: “Yeah.”

Grace pointed to the man who “held” Janice in front of him, “You see if that wretched man is not, so give me a slap in the face. I beat him so hard that his mother is not willing to claim him!”

The bodyguard oozes cold sweat.

Who is this offending? God pull, his wife is going to abuse him like this?

“Then what advantage do you give me?”

The bodyguard almost freaked out when he heard the president’s words. The president wouldn’t…sacrifice him just to please his wife, right?

“Benefits? What benefits do you want?”

Jacob said, “Go home with me and sleep with me.”

Guan Xiao and the others were struck by the words of the president!

They really can’t think of how the president, who shows the image of a high-cold, forbidden valley and owe a woman, said this sentence without blushing and heartbeat.

They can only sigh: the president has collapsed.

Grace pushed Jacob away, smiling beautifully.

“Want to sleep with me?” drunk.

Jacob watched her swaying like a willow in front of him, and her voice was as gentle as a spring breeze for the first time. Then he nodded faintly.

Grace approached him with a smile, gently hugged his arm, pressed his entire face to his chest, and said softly: “Then you have to hurt me well!”

“Brother will love you well.” Jacob was a little hot after Grace teased him.

Who knows…

Grace instantly changed her face, raised her leg, and was crushed by the man.

Jacob’s iceberg face instantly cracked…

Guan Xiao and the bodyguards saw this scene petrified.

Damn, they didn’t read the almanac when they went out, they were all dead today.

The CEO was beaten by a woman, and it was so important.

President I’s fame cannot be kept.

And they just witnessed this great historical moment.

With the president’s character that Jai Xuan must report, they are playing the ball.

Jacob’s face was extremely dark.

Grace wanted to punch him in the face with a fist, but was grabbed by Jacob, and then buckled behind him.

Then he picked her up and walked into the car with a sullen face.

“No one is allowed to say anything about today.” Jacob’s whistling voice came.

“Yes. President.” The men behind did not dare to speak out.

Rolls Royce drove into the staff annex of the medical department.

The two drunk women sang all the way in the car by splashing with alcohol.

Janice: “What the hell is love? What the hell is it?”

Grace took it and sang: “I am the grain of sand you accidentally stepped on. You are the man I have seen for thousands of years among thousands of people!”

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