Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 466

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Chapter 466

Not only does he seem to have no cell phone, but he also has never even borrowed someone else’s cell phone.


When Baishan’s words just fell!


An electronic notification sound rang.

This voice did not belong to any of the mobile phones present there, but it came from Shaun.

The gazes of Baishan, Paula, Elvira’s family, as well as Chu Yu and the old man Zhang Tianli all looked at Shaun.

“Shaun, what is ringing in your pocket?” Elvira asked, frowning.

Hearing this!

Shaun’s mouth twitched slightly, and under the sight of everyone, he took out the devil machine from his pocket!

“This is a cell phone?”

After seeing the Devil Machine that Shaun took out from his pocket, the Elvira family got stunned.

In their eyes, Shaun’s mobile phone looks like an old phone.

The entire fuselage is extremely fat.

In particular, the keyboard buttons above, each of the same size as a fingernail, its body shell is a very cheesy gold, as if covered with a layer of the golden plastic shell.

It looks like a Nokia version of the old phone.

“Yes! This…this is a mobile phone I bought for 300 yuan today!”

Naturally, Shaun couldn’t tell the truth, and he lied.

Three hundred yuan!

Old machine!

After listening to this, and looking at the style like an old machine, the corners of the mouths of Elvira, Bai Shan, and Paula all twitched.


The family felt ashamed to the extreme. Just now after saying that Shaun doesn’t use a mobile phone, they didn’t expect that this guy actually bought a mobile phone today.

Especially, if he had bought a better mobile phone, it doesn’t matter, but for this product, it cost 300 to buy an old and tacky mobile phone, so it has brought down the dignity of Baishan’s family.

Not only that!

Chu Yu, who was next to him, smiled after seeing Shaun’s phone:

“Hahaha… Brother Lin, you are so interesting! Where did it come from, the old antique you bought!”

“Look at the style, it looks like Nokia? And it’s still a gold case with fingernail-sized buttons! Hahaha…”

Chu Yu smiled very happily.

Especially seeing Shaun’s shame, his heartfelt extreme happiness.

Who made this guy so lucky to marry a goddess-like Elvira?

The more embarrassing Shaun is, the more disappointed Elvira will be. If this goes on, maybe one day, she will have the opportunity to replace Shaun, but that is not necessarily.

However, Chu Yu didn’t see it.

After seeing the mobile phone that Shaun took out, Zhang Tianli, the old man who was known as China’s top mobile phone designer, was taken aback.

He seemed to feel that this phone was very familiar.

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