Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 467

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Chapter 467

Zhang Tianli frowned and looked carefully.

And when he looked at the material of the phone’s golden casing and large buttons, his entire face changed drastically, as if he had seen a ghost, and he could hardly believe his eyes.

“Tungsten steel gold…”

“Tiger Shark Keys…”

“Is that the legendary Devil Machine? This… how is this possible!”



Beads of sweat instantly seeped from the old man Zhang Tianli’s forehead.


In the mobile phone manufacturing industry, after so many years of experience, what Zhang Tianli remembers most is the sensational event that caused the mobile phone manufacturing industry seven years ago.

The top ten mobile phone manufacturers in the world gathered all the top technicians to develop a mobile phone.

That’s right!

Just one piece!

At that time, Zhang Tianli didn’t even have the qualifications to become one of them. Everything he knew after listening to the rumors of other top designers.

It is said that that piece of a mobile phone can be said to have consumed all the effort of the top ten mobile phone manufacturers, the shell is tungsten steel gold, the keyboard tiger shark skin, the screen high-tech nano display.

At that time, that mobile phone had just been manufactured and it was included in the Guinness Book of Records.

Even the Guinness recorder lamented that this mobile phone is the most expensive piece in the long history of mankind.

Since then, the name of the devil machine has resounded in the ears of almost every mobile phone manufacturer, allowing everyone to worship and treat it as gods.

Not only that!

Zhang Tianli also knows that the reason why the top ten mobile phone manufacturers developed this mobile phone was to give it to one person.

Thinking of this!

Zhang Tianli looked at Shaun, looked at his delicate face, looked at his ordinary clothes, then his eyelids jump wildly, and his heart almost reached to his throat:

“Yes… is it him?”

Shocked, horrified!

Zhang Tianli felt like he has seen a ghost.

It’s just that Chu Yu and others beside him didn’t see his expression at all.

Chu Yu almost laughed with tears at this moment:

“Hahaha. Brother Lin, please don’t suffer so much in the future!”

“I’m Elvira’s elementary school classmate. If you want, I can give you ten or even twenty mobile phones. Why use such a shameful mobile phone!”

Hearing this!

The Elvira family’s faces are even more blush.

“Shaun, what the hell are you doing? Why you have bought such a pathetic mobile phone? Why did you go crazy today to buy such a piece of garbage!” Elvira was so angry that her chest fell.

Although she is not a materialistic woman, Shaun is now spending three hundred yuan to buy an old machine, which is absolutely unreasonable in her eyes.

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