Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 465

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Chapter 465

Chu Yu put the gift box in his hand on the coffee table, and after opening it, he took out three brand-new mobile phones:

“This is the latest X11 smartphone from our Chu family! Now it is not even available internationally. The price of a mobile phone has been fired up to 20,000 Huaxia coins!”


Twenty thousand Chinese coins!

Elvira’s family was shocked, but they didn’t expect that this mobile phone was so expensive.

Especially, when they received this mobile phone from Chu Yu’s hands, they saw that the design of the body was extremely beautiful. Both the visual effects were not like ordinary mobile phones. Than.

“This phone is really good! Especially its touch is extremely sensitive! As expected, you get what you pay for!”

Paula looked at the phone in her hand and couldn’t put it down.

Even Elvira couldn’t help but nodded, looking very surprised:

“Yes! The manufacturing process and the materials used in this mobile phone is much better than our domestic ones! No wonder that is why it is well-known in the world!”

Seeing the joy on the faces of Elvira’s family.

The corners of Chu Yu’s mouth curl up slightly:

“Sorry, I thought there were only three people in your family, so I only brought three mobile phones!”

With that said, Chu Yu looked at Shaun, but there was ridicule in his eyes:

“Brother Lin, I didn’t bring you a cell phone this time. You wouldn’t be angry, will you?”


Hearing this, Elvira’s family of three reacted. Chu Yu brought three mobile phones and gave each of them one phone, but Shaun got left.

“It’s okay! I don’t usually use my mobile phone!” Shaun smiled slightly.

He can naturally feel Chu Yu’s hostility!

It’s just that this kind of little person can’t cause him any mood swings at all.

Chu Yu was slightly surprised, he did not expect that Shaun’s cultivation was so good.

He was obviously running on this guy, and Shaun didn’t care, which gave him the illusion of a punch in the air.

“Oh! Which year are we in, where people don’t use mobile phones often!”

Chu Yu sighed and shook his head, then said apologetically:

“Brother Lin, I know you are definitely not happy, but your phone is missing. Don’t worry, when I come next time, I will bring you an identical X11 smartphone!”

Chu Yu’s words were bold, but in his tone, there seemed to be a feeling of ridiculing.

As if in his mouth!

Shaun needs him to give alms.

Seeing this scene!

Bai Shan couldn’t help but said with a smile:

“Chu Yu, let it! What Shaun said is true, he usually never use a mobile phone!”

In the impression of the Baishan family, it seemed that they had never seen it before. Shaun called once and sent a text message.

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