Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 528

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Chapter 528

A muffled voice suddenly came from behind, engulfed by the cold wind, with a gloomy weirdness.

Jacob turned around. He saw the gardener Uncle Gui of Xiangdingyuan standing at the door of the castle. Holding a flashlight in his hand, bowed respectfully to him.

“Master, you are finally back. A few days ago, the weather was bad, thunder and lightning, and strong winds broke the paulownia tree in the Tourmaline Manor. Unfortunately, the paulownia tree fell on the electric pole and the entire circuit in the Tourmaline Manor was broken. The other Bieyuan Gardens have suffered some damage due to power outages. Master asked me to ask you, what needs to be repaired in Xiangding Garden?”

Jacob’s eagle pupils were full of sharp edges. His lips and teeth lightly opened, and the sound of no temperature floated out.

“It’s hard for Uncle Gui.”

He has always followed the principle of minimalism.

But these very simple words contain a lot of elusive information.

For example, the word “difficult” includes two meanings. One is that it is difficult for Uncle Gui, who has always been taciturn, to speak so much, and the other is that it is difficult for Uncle Gui to come to him so late…

Uncle Gui lowered his head slightly, probably because he was older, a little hunched back, making him look more obedient.

“This is what I should do, Master.” Uncle Gui said in a low voice.

Jacob’s eyes were dull and unclear and said: “Tomorrow, find a few people to repair Xiangdingyuan again.”

Uncle Gui looked up, “Does the young master need a major repair?”

Jacob had a panoramic view of his panic. “Yeah. I plan to live in Xiangdingyuan for a long time. Is there a problem?”

Uncle Gui quickly lowered his head, “No problem.”

“Go.” No emotion could be heard in Jacob’s voice.

Uncle Gui moved away, but Jacob suddenly remembered something, and stopped him again, “Uncle Gui…”

Uncle Gui turned around: “What else can the young master give?”

Jacob said: “You come back. I have something to ask you!”

Uncle Gui turned back.

Jacob stared into his eyes: “Uncle Gui, you are an old man in Tourmaline Manor. You must still remember the scene when I was born?”

Uncle Gui trembled invisibly, “Why did the young master suddenly ask this?”

“Answer me.” Jacob’s voice was not angry and mighty.

Uncle Gui’s eyes drifted far away, and he whispered, “I remember, the young master was born in this house. The madam was born before the water was suddenly broken and the young master was born before she could go to the hospital. However, because of her special blood type, Master, you have had a severe hemolytic reaction, madam…you almost died.”

Jacob’s face is pale, hemolytic reaction?

There is only one possibility for a pregnant woman to have hemolysis: the mother has blood type o, and the child has type A or B.

And he is indeed A blood type?

But his current mother is not blood type O, but blood type A like him?

Jacob nodded slightly, “I see. Go.”

Uncle Gui leaves.

Jacob watched Uncle Gui’s rickety back, and the cold light in his eyes added a layer of ice.

His life experience is strange!

Early the next morning.

When Jacob was still asleep, he smelled the rich fragrance of roses coming from the room.

Rose fragrance is Irene’s favorite scent. Her sachets and her perfumes are mainly rose fragrance.

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