Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 527

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Chapter 527

At night, after everyone was asleep, Jacob came to the bedroom on the second floor that had been idle for a long time.

When he found Grace in this bedroom, her face was a bit wrong, but she lied to him and said she was lost. He always trusted her, so he didn’t think much.

Looking back now, Grace at that time knew that there was something unusual in this room. But she didn’t trust him, so she missed the best time to ask him for help.

So that the accident of falling from the building happened later.

Jacob came to the bedroom door by the dim light penetrated by the street lamps in the corridor.

Opening the door, the mobile phone flashlight was also turned on at this time, a beam of light shot into the room, the darkness of the room was driven out, and the outline of every corner in the room became clear.

This is a very ordinary bedroom, with a bed, a screen, an icy censer, and a painting on the wall.

How could Grace feel a gloomy feeling when the furnishings are so simple?

When the light beam of the mobile phone flashlight shot through the frame, something suddenly jumped under his eyes, and he was aware that the painting was a little weird.

He put the mobile phone flashlight close to the picture frame and found that the picture frame was covered with a layer of transparent grease paper. But there are bubbles on the edge, so it will reflect light under the light.

Jacob ripped off the oil paper, and suddenly a different picture flashed in the frame. Finally, his eyes fixed on a very fragrant portrait of a couple.

Eyes are straight.

The portrait of the man in the couple was maliciously destroyed, so it was confused with the colors of the front and back pictures and could not be clearly displayed.

But that woman fell into Jacob’s eyes clearly.

Although she only showed her profile, she can still be seen as a beautiful woman in the past. Women have naturally occurring long brown hair, and women’s lips are thin and slightly raised. Thoroughly shocked the Jacob.

This thin and slightly curled lips will show an arrogant expression for no reason. With him, it is simply a copied version.

There was a voice in his mind that was questioned when he was young: “Jacob, why are you not like your mother at all?”

“Your mom and dad’s looks are only mid-to-high, how did they give birth to such a handsome guy with defying looks like you?”

Jacob felt that the strength of his whole body was slowly passing away, and he sat limply on the chair next to him.

Maybe he is not his mother’s son at all?

There was a faint light in the eagle eyes of Jacob, and this discovery made him feel particularly uneasy.

What makes him even more disturbed is that this painting has been manipulated recently. His Xiangding Garden has a first-class defense system, but people can enter and leave his room freely.

This is too scary.

For so many years, he shared Xiangdingyuan with others, but he didn’t realize it.

He finally knows the root cause of Jas’s autism. It turned out that the fragmented fragments Jas told him were not a child’s fantasy, but from reality.

Jas said: “The little elephant in the castle always looks at him. He is afraid.”

Jacob was extremely frightened after careful consideration, only to feel that his negligence towards Jas was simply a great sin.

For such a small child, he repeatedly asked him to be brave. Jas’s secrets cannot be vented, and the closed heart for many years will make him suffer from autism.

He is really a failed father.

Jacob moved quickly to the castle of Jason. After the castle was destroyed, he had no energy to rebuild.

The baby elephant in the castle was by the window. When Jacob checked the baby’s eyes, he was surprised to find that the baby’s eyes had been replaced by someone. Although they are all jade-white elephant eyes, they were originally transparent jade eyes, and now they have become opaque elephant eyes.

Jacob’s heart sinks slightly, it seems that Xiangdingyuan does indeed hide an extraordinary secret.

It is necessary for him to explore the story behind this.


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