Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 494

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Chapter 494

At this moment, when Paula looked at the big people around her, she just felt like she was dreaming.

Is this her son-in-law?

Is this Shaun who she treats as useless?

Who is he?

Shaun didn’t care about the shocking and horrified gazes of everyone around him, his gaze faintly scanned everyone in front of him.

His eyes were cold and deep.

Whether it was the blood rose or Zhang Guohao or others, they could feel the coldness and sorrow in his eyes.


“Where are the Tian Hao and his fellows this time!”

“In five minutes, I want to get all their information!”

The words fall!

There was a chain reaction in an instant, and Tianlong Xu, Zhang Guohao, Blood Rose, Daoye, and others took out the phones one after another and started to dial.

In less than three minutes, Zhang Guohao walked over with a gloomy face and said to Shaun:

“Mr. Lin, I have found it! After Tian Hao and others left the mobile phone shop, they had headed to Luoshan Mountain in the southwest of Jiang City!”

“Tonight, they will hold a race around the mountain there! A total of 108 people are going to participate. In addition to the members of the supercar club such as Tian Hao, there are also Ziheng Xu, Tian Zhang, and Lin Guangyao from Jiang City, and one unknown woman and her bodyguard.”

Speaking of the two names of zheng Xu and Tian Zhang’.

The corners of Zhang Guohao and Tianlong Xu’s mouth twitched slightly.

These two guys are their sons.

They thought that their sons had brought shame for them that they had dared to provoke Mr. Lin by hitting his mother in law.

Shaun didn’t care about Ziheng Xu and Tian Zhang, his eyes flashed:

“Guoluo Mountain!”

“They beat my mother and went racing! Very good!”

After speaking, Shaun said to Paula:

“Mom, I’m going to Luoshan, you go home!”

At this moment, Paula was still immersed in the shock, so she nodded.

When she saw that, Shaun turned and walked towards a car on the side of the road.

Tianlong Xu and others said quickly:

“BOSS, shall we accompany you there?”

Not only Tianlong Xu, Zhang Guohao, Blood Rose and others, also looked towards Shaun.

Hearing this, Shaun shook his head:

“This matter has nothing to do with you! They had beaten my mother, I will make them pay a heavy price!”

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