Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 493

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Chapter 493

Da da da!

The footsteps of Master Dao and others fell on the hearts of everyone, making their hearts beating wildly.

It was like a pack of hungry wolves approaching.

When this group in white clothes came near to Shaun, they all bowed:

“Mr. Lin, here we are!”


Seeing this scene all the people around including Paula, the fat boss got stunned.

Blood Rose, Tiger Lord, Dao Lord!

Together, these three people represent the underground order in Jiang City, and they all bowed to Shaun.

It means that Shaun is the real master of Jiangshi Underground, he is the master of the North and the South!


Thinking of this, the fat boss and other few customers were almost frightened to pee. Each of them shivered and looked at Shaun as if they had seen a ghost.


When they remembered that they were ridiculing him before, they got more frightened.

However, the nightmare is still not over!

The humming sound of the engines came again from east and west.

It’s another luxury car!

Another figure!

When the third team appeared, the heart of the fat boss and others almost popped out of their throats.

Tianlong Group Chairman-Tianlong Xu, and all directors.

When these people came to Shaun, they bowed and saluted in respect:

“BOSS, we are here!”


Hearing this word again, everyone looked at Shaun in disbelief.

They simply can’t understand, how could such a guy riding an electric car can be the boss of Red Rose and Tianlong Xu at the same time?

It seems that Shengshi Club and Tianlong Group are all his properties.

This is unbelievable.

Everyone felt that they had discovered the biggest secret in Jiang City, which frightened them.


When the last car stopped there, everyone got stunned to see it.

The person who got out of this car is Zhang Guohao, who is the big boss in the city.

“Mr. Lin, we are here, what happened?”

When Zhang Guohao and others spoke, a respectful voice came!


The fat boss and others only felt like their scalps are about to burst.


They just feel that the whole world is crazy.

A guy who rides an electric car gathered almost all the big guys in Jiang City, especially everyone bowed to him, which was simply shocking.

More than anyone Paula was shocked to the extreme.

“BOSS? Mr. Lin?”

“Shaun, what are you?”

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