Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 495

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Chapter 495

That’s it!

He reached near a Volkswagen Santana.

This car belongs to the youngest subordinate of the Dao master named horse.

When the horse saw Shaun walking towards his car, he jumped up in excitement. He ran forward quickly, opened the car door, and handed Shaun the car key.

Shaun just nodded lightly, then got in and started the car!


When a buzzing sound resounded.

This Santana rushed onto the road with a terrifying roar like an arrow from the string.

Almost in the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the dark.

Seeing this scene!

The horse rubbed his eyes.

For some reason, he found that his little broken car, in Shaun’s hands, had become agile and fast, especially the speed, which almost made him doubt whether this car was his.

The Tianlong Xu and others next to him looked in the direction where Santana disappeared, shaking their heads one by one.

“It seems that the group of princelings from Jiangnan are going to die!”

The big guys looked at each other one after another, and they could see the pity and regret Tian Hao and others in each other’s eyes.

Offended the devil Shaun!

I am afraid that people like Tian Hao will be awakened in dreams!

Top Mountain!

Located in the southwestern direction of Jiangshi, the entire mountain peaks are top-shaped.

The road is like a snake, traversing the entire mountain peak, making it look unusually majestic and thrilling.

But for the race lovers, this is a paradise.

People go here for racing, gambling, and bonfire parties. The place is extremely lively.

Especially today!


The buzzing sound of engines, like wild beasts roaring ferociously.

The hot dance of beautiful women, a group of people gathered together to face the two galloping cars on the screen, screaming and cheering wildly, making this place almost into the ocean of racing.

Just in this noisy crowd.

There are three figures, who are very special.

A veiled girl, and two majestic bodyguards.

Although the girl was wearing a veil, no one can see her face clearly, but her enchanting figure, her black hair, and her snow-white skin made it clear that she was definitely a super beauty.

Even the members of the super running clubs around are looking at her, but no one can dare to talk with her.

“Hey! How come this woman looks like the national goddess Kelly?”

“Yes! Unfortunately, no one dared to go up and confirm! The few guys who went up at the beginning were all beaten back by those two bodyguards!”

“The two bodyguards are from special forces, and they are ruthless in their methods. Even they can kill people in no time!”

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