Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 496

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Chapter 496

At the beginning!

A few guys went in her direction in a desire to talk to her but the two bodyguards beat them harshly before they got closer to her.

After that, no one dared to get closer to the girl.


There are several faces that Shaun is very familiar with.

Ziheng Xu and Tian Zhang, but at this moment the faces of these two are extremely ugly.

“What’s the matter? Young Master Xu, didn’t you pull me out before? Did you fire me? Now? Hahaha… I didn’t expect that I would trample you one day!”

In front of Ziheng Xu, it was Lin Guangyao.

Lin Guangyao’s face was full of sarcasm.

Who could have imagined that since the last time his uncle went crazy and he expelled Lin Guangyao from the Tianlong Group.

However, after the turn of events, the arrival of Tian Hao and others had become Lin Guangyao’s savior.

Relying on being able to speak well, Lin Guangyao successfully blended into the circle of Tian Hao and others, and became the lackeys of this group of princelings, in all directions in Jiang City.

“Huh! Lin Guangyao, you’re just a dog of Tian Hao and the others, what are you doing!”

“It is okay if I lost! This sports car is yours!”

Ziheng Xu’s face was gloomy, almost dripping with water.

He loves racing!

He was invited here today. As a result, who would have thought that in the first game, he lost to the young master Qiu Jie of the Qiu Group.

Qiu Jie is a young man wearing glasses.

He was drinking a bottle of beer at this moment, and then walked over with a smile:

“Hey…Ziheng Xu, you are just a third-rate amateur racer! You can’t compete with me at all, I advise you not to be embarrassed!”

Qiu Jie’s words contained humiliation.

Ziheng Xu flashed with anger when he heard this.

Because Qiu Jie is telling the truth!

He is only a third-rate level racer, but Qiu Jie in front of him is a first-class racer.

Even in the entire Jiangnan Province!

Tian Hao is called the car race king!

Except for Tian Hao, almost no one is his opponent.

“Huh! Chou Jie, there are mountains outside the mountains, and there are others outside the mountains! Don’t think Ziheng Xu lost to you, everyone in Jiang City is not as good as you!”

“I’m telling you, I’ve seen a really awesome king of racing cars! People can soar to two hundred and two on a rushing road! Can you?”

Ziheng Xu shouted unwillingly.

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