Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 543

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Chapter 543

A beautiful man in a white coat and gold-rimmed glasses walked up.

His face is white, his facial features are deep, and he has a healing smile, and he looks calm and knowledgeable.

Zhan Tingsu asked: “What’s your name?”

“Shifeng!” Haifeng replied modestly and politely.

“Mr. Zhan, starting from today, I will be your personal rehab. In the next three months, I will help you get rid of crutches and stand up again.” Haifeng’s voice is not fast, not light or heavy, but with a touch of confidence and arrogance.

Zhan Tingsu nodded: “I hope you don’t let me down.”

The dean personally handled the discharge operation for Zhan Tingsu.

Hayate and Zhan Ting Su returned to the tourmaline’s rose manor.

The once lively Rose Manor is now empty.

Standing in the empty living room, Zhan Ting succumbed to the crutches, yelling furiously.

“Where are all people dead?”

A servant lowered his head and walked over timidly, “Old…Master, what’s your order?”

This old voice made Zhan Ting Su frown.

The servants of the Rose Manor are all young and beautiful girls. When did they hire an old, pearly woman?

Could it be that Jacob deceived him now that he was incompetent and assigned the worst servant to him?

“Look up.” Zhan Ting Su exclaimed angrily.

The woman raised her head tremblingly, her dry eyes, with tears in her eyes, looking at him idiotically.


“Why are you?” Zhan Tingsu’s body trembled, and almost fell to the ground due to instability.

The servant stepped forward and hurriedly supported him. “Master, be careful.”

Suddenly Zhan Tingsu lost his crutch, and grasped the woman’s hand tightly, “Cuifang, is it really you?”

The woman nodded, but tears fell.

Zhan Tingsu stared at her blankly and swallowed. At that moment, the five-flavored bottle that was overturned in his heart couldn’t tell which one was ups and downs.

“It’s been 35 years. I thought we would never meet again.” Zhan Ting Su was excited, “Unexpectedly, when you get old, she will finally return you back.”

Cuifang helped Zhan Tingsu onto the sofa and poured a cup of hot tea for him, “Master, you drink water first.”

Waiting for Zhan Ting Su’s mood to calm down slightly. Cuifang said, “You misunderstood Madam.”

Zhan Ting said angrily, “She taught you to say that, right?”

Cuifang shook her head, “Master, you really misunderstood Madam. Back then, the person who forced us to separate was not the wife, but your mother. It was she who threw me to the dusty ground, looking for someone to ruin my body and ruin my whole life. .”

Once hated so hot, after the time passed, Cuifang didn’t even have the strength to hate.

Cuifang was like a puppet, describing something empty as if it had nothing to do with her. “Back then, Madam was just carrying the pot for your mother. Madam was born famous and proud of her heart. She misunderstood her like that, she didn’t explain. In secret, she secretly helped her get out of that ghost place.”

“The only thing Madam has done wrong is that she loves you too much. For so many years, she has not dared to let us meet, because she is afraid that my presence will take away her reputation as a wife.”

Cuifang smiled miserably, “But how can I be worthy of you? It’s her mediocre who disturbs her.

Zhan Ting Sui looked at the woman in front of him in disbelief, “What you said is true? Madam seriously, has never embarrassed you?”

Cuifang nodded, “Master, Madam once told me that her marriage to you is a business marriage that neither of you can control. Let me not hate her. I… used to hate her, but I don’t hate her anymore. I sympathize with her. She is more pitiful than me. She loves a man who doesn’t love her. She has had a harder life than me in this life.”

Zhan Ting Su was dumbfounded.

So many years of obsession turned out to be the wrong cause.

He always thought he was the biggest victim of marriage, but he never thought that his wife was also a victim of this marriage.

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