Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 510

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Chapter 510

Just hearing this!

The girl shrugged faintly, looked at Shaun’s face, filled with deep tenderness:

“Three years ago, I already died once, I don’t care now?”

“If I can run to death with you, it will be a great gift to me!”



Every one around can hear the mysterious girl’s love for Shaun, which makes it even more difficult for Qiu Jie and other supercars to understand and believe.

“Damn thing, what is so good about him? Let this woman be willing to live and die with him!”

Lin Guangyao beside him was extremely jealous and angry.

In the past, he admired Elvira, but Elvira did not want to divorce Shaun.

And now!

This damn person can still get the favor of people like the mysterious girl, which makes him crazy.

“Well! Since you are willing to go to Huangquan together, your wish will be fulfilled in a while!”

Qiu Jie glared at Shaun resentfully, and then went straight to Lamborghini with the hot beauty beside him.

Seeing this scene!

Shaun and the mysterious girl also got on the car one after another.

Lamborghini and Santana came to the two tracks and began to gain momentum.


The roar of engines came from two cars continuously.

And just while preparing!

Another enchanting woman in a miniskirt came to the middle of the two racing cars. She slowly squatted down, groping for a while with her hands facing her thighs.

She even took off underwear from under the short skirt.

“Oh oh oh!”

Seeing this scene. The passion of everyone around got completely ignited, and there were deafening cheers and shouts.

This scene made the mysterious girl’s pretty face blush.

She couldn’t help turning her head and glanced at Shaun. Seeing that Shaun was looking behind the scene with a smile on his face, she sip slightly, her pretty face getting hotter and red!


The enchanting short skirt beauty waved her panties in the air.

Then, throw it in the sky!


Lamborghini and Santana, as if they were ordered to start, galloped out from the starting line in an instant!

Toward the mountain, soaring quickly.

fast! fast! fast!

In the eyes of everyone, the speed of Lamborghini has almost reached the extreme.

After just rushing out, the speed of the car had reached its peak, like an arrow from the string, suddenly disappeared on the mountain road ahead.

In contrast, Santana.

Although it is also galloping out, the speed is much worse than Lamborghini.

Almost in Santana, the Lamborghini has not been fully accelerated yet, has disappeared in front of his sight.

“Hahaha… did you see it? This has just rushed out, and the Lamborghini of Jie Shao has already opened two or three hundred meters!”

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