Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 547

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Chapter 547

“Whether you are stealing money or stealing women, you seem to have come to the wrong place?” Jason said coldly.

Haifeng swallowed, and was choked by Jason.

“I don’t steal money, let alone women.” Hayate couldn’t hold back reaching out to pinch Jason’s little face.

“When I was young, I felt that the president was their closest relatives, but the president was always covered by icebergs, making people afraid to get close.”

So seeing the two little guys who looked exactly like the president, Haifeng couldn’t control the urge to get close to them.

By the way, Jason was as cold tempered as his father.

The cool and handsome face twisted, and Haifeng’s hand squeezed.

Haifeng turned to extend his claws to Derek, but Derek let him rub. Haifeng was so happy that he smiled crookedly: “Really good.”

“Then what are you doing?” Derek’s world is very simple. In his opinion, a thief does not steal money or a woman, so there is nothing else to steal.

“If I say, I’m here to steal a child? Will you cooperate with me?” Hayate asked gently.

“Are you stupid for us?” Jason said angrily, feeling that his IQ had been insulted.

Hayate shrugged, a look of helplessness appeared on Jun’s face, “Well, it seems that you two little guys won’t be obedient. Then I’m going to use my trick.”

Haifeng took out a jade pendant with a red rope from his arms. He held one end of the red rope in his hand, and the jade pendant fell in front of Jason Derek’s eyes.

“I will give you this ancestral jade pendant, okay?”

When Jason saw this jade pendant, a dark light flashed in his eyes.

Yu Pei swayed in front of the child, and soon Derek closed his eyes and fell on the bed.

Seeing Derek asleep, Jason closed his eyes and fell on Derek.

Haifeng put away the jade pendant and gently patted the child’s head. “Sleep for a while, brother will come back to pick you up soon.”

After Haifeng left, Zhan Yu sat up suddenly.

Doubtful eyes fell on the back of the wind.

After Haifeng carried Faith next door, he was surprised to find that Derek and Jason had disappeared.

Hayate sat on the bed depressedly, slapped his forehead, “Why are these two bastards so troublesome?”

At this moment of war, he took the sleepy Derek and sneaked into Silvia’s room.

Secretly opened the medicine bag on the bedside table and secretly poured out the powder inside. Then refill the flour.

After doing all this, the two Mengbao secretly left Silvia’s room.

As soon as he walked out of Silvia’s room, he was picked up by the gust of wind and quickly fled the Wutong compound.

“Let me down.”

“Let me down.”

Hayate stuffed the child into a Rolls-Royce of the same model as the president, then sat in and locked the door.

Looking back at the two angry children, he smiled and said, “What are you doing if you don’t sleep in the middle of the night?”

Derek pretended to be pitiful, “Uncle, we can’t leave Daddy. You let us go back!”

Hayate seriously corrected, “Call my brother.”

“You are so big!” Derek said.

Hayate’s face was very gray.

But he thought that if the president knew that his seniority was on the same level as him, the president’s face should be even grayer.

“Called Big Brother.” Hayate said.

Hui Wei’s cold light flashed through Jason’s eyes, unlike the usual indifference, “Big Brother, if you do something for us, we will follow you obediently.”

Haifeng didn’t want to force the children either. After all, in his heart, he always regarded the president’s child as his own brother and sister. He cares about their emotions.

“Say it.”

Jason took out the paper bag and handed it to Haifeng, “Put this into Zhan Tingye’s breakfast.”

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