Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 517

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Chapter 517

When he saw the third sharp turn, getting closer and closer, Qiu Jie subconsciously stepped on the brake and wanted to drift Lamborghini again.

But on the sole of his foot, he just stepped on the brake!


There was a buzzing sound on the nearby track, and then under Qiu Jie’s incredible sight.

The Santana is capable of 170 speeds, and the Lamborghini surpassed the past.

Then the front of the car turned violently from an incredible angle.



At this moment Qiu Jie was completely dumbfounded.

Bend… bend!

This really turned out to be a corner kill.


A trace of cold air followed Qiu Jie’s soles and ran straight to his forehead.

“Damn it! Damn it!”

When Qiu Jie drifted through the third sharp turn, he found that Santana in front had already pulled himself a hundred meters away.


A trace of shame emerged from the bottom of Qiu Jie’s heart.

He just felt like he had been slapped severely, making him want to find a place to get in.

And at this moment!

Within the phone, the voice of the supercar member resounded again.

“Brother Jie! Your chance is here, now you are two kilometers away from the fourth sharp turn!”

“Quick, use this smooth road to surpass him at the speed of Lamborghini!”

Two kilometers!

Qiu Jie’s eyes were filled with anger.

A trace of evil thoughts appeared in his mind.

“Good! Very good! Since there are still two kilometers, then I will play with you!”

Thinking of this, Qiu Jie grinned and suddenly stepped on the accelerator.


The Lamborghini speeded up suddenly as if swiftly, chasing Santana ahead.

Eighty meters!

Fifty meters!

Thirty meters!

In the blink of an eye, the speed of the two cars was getting closer and closer.

Especially when Lamborghini was only ten meters away from Santana in front of him, Qiu Jie’s face was full of madness:

“Boy, you die for me!”

That’s it!


Lamborghini suddenly screamed, then madly rushed towards Santana.


When the front of the Lamborghini slammed into the rear of Santana.

The entire body of Santana was skewed as if it would be thrown off the track at any time, falling into the abyss.

“Damn it!”

Shaun’s expression changed and he slammed the steering wheel immediately.

The entire Santana only stabilized after sliding several meters on a strange route.

On the side, the whole pretty face of the masked girl was scared white.

“Ok…good risk!”


If it weren’t for Shaun’s quick reaction and the steering wheel a little slower, they would all be knocked out and fall off the cliff.

However, this does not stop.

When the masked girl just breathed a sigh of relief.

Shaun’s face changed again:

“Be careful!”

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