Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 580

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Chapter 580

Guan Xiaoyu suddenly walked to the end of the corridor.

Tiger-free monkeys in the mountains are king!

Zhan Tingye triumphantly ordered the dean, “President, hurry up to apply for a discharge permit for my son. I-want-transfer to the hospital!”

Guan Xiao closed his eyes in despair.

But at this moment, the elevator door suddenly opened, and a strong rose fragrance came, instantly attracting everyone’s attention.

A black hating high heels came out with a powerful aura, and then there was a beautiful figure. Although she was wearing a red dress or even a mysterious black net, this enchanting dress still couldn’t cover her. The king-like aura exuded from the whole body.

The law enforcement officers couldn’t help but stepped back to the wall. Leave an open road for her.

However, she stopped in front of Guan Xiao and shook her head disappointedly when she looked at Guan Xiao’s gray head and face.

Then she uncovered a corner of the net and made a playful face on Chao Guan Xiao.

Guan Xiao was dumbfounded when he saw the face under the net.

Zhan Tingye was still roaring, “I want to transfer my son to the hospital and immediately open the door of the intensive care unit for me.”

The woman in red put on her veil, stepped on a melodious step, and walked in front of Zhan Tingye. The voice of Tian Lai was like a jade pearl, “I don’t allow it.”

The three words showed awe-inspiring momentum.

Zhan Tingye looked at her blankly, “Who are you?”

Irene pulled the veil of mystery and covered her face more tightly. “Dad, you don’t even know me.”

Zhan Tingye still guessed from her familiar voice, “Are you Grace?”

The woman in red did not shook her head or nodded.

Zhan Tingye thought he was right, and the corners of his lips sneered, “Grace, I am not your father. You and my family Jacob have not obtained the certificate yet, you are not our Zhan family’s daughter-in-law!”

“Then dad, Grace is not the wife of the Zhan Family, who is the wife of the Zhan Family?”

Zhan Tingye said, “My family Jacob is married to the Yan family’s eldest lady, Miss Irene. It is a pity that Irene has a fateful face and died in a car accident nine years ago. So currently my family Jacob does not have a wife. Otherwise, how could it be my turn? This old man is here to worry about his business?”

The red-dressed woman nodded, “You are right. You are old, and you should have a good time to live forever. You really shouldn’t worry about Jacob.”

Zhan Ting Ye Ying squinted, “Who are you, don’t pretend to be a ghost here.”

The woman in red took out her ID card from her lv bag, and Zhan Tingye leaned forward to see her name, but the woman in red turned around quickly and handed the ID card to the law enforcement officer, saying, “Excuse me, my husband I entrusted the matter to Mr. Guan Xiao with full authority. Mr. Guan Xiao did not illegally imprison my husband.”

When the law enforcement officers saw Irene’s name on the ID card, all of them showed expressions of astonishment.

“Are you Irene?”

Irene nodded, “Yes!”

Zhan Tingye, stuck in place, dumbfounded.

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