Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 549

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Chapter 549

Elvira’s crying, heart-piercing, contained deep grievances.

Just when he heard this!

Shaun’s heart trembled fiercely.

Only then did he know that Elvira’s disappointment with him was not because he had brought disaster to the Bai family, but because she was afraid that he would be in danger alone.

A trace of warmth flowed in Shaun’s heart.

Especially, after feeling that his chest clothes were wet by Elvira’s tears, he felt extremely distressed and held Elvira in his arms, and a thick smile appeared at the corner of his mouth:

“My wife, I was wrong! I will never worry you again, and I will never go alone again!”

Shaun said, lowered his head, and k!ssed Elvira’s forehead deeply.


And this scene froze the smiles on the faces of Mr. Bai and others.


They realized that Elvira’s disappointment with Shaun was not because of what he had done.

It was because he disregarded his safety, causing Elvira to be anxious and worried!


“Elvira, have you been given Ecstasy by him! He has offended those chaebols in Jiangnan!”

“I ask you one last time, can you divorce him?”

Grandpa Bai was furious, staring at Elvira, and asked harshly.

Hearing this!

Elvira’s crying finally stopped slowly.

Her pretty face wet with tears slowly lifted it from Shaun’s arms, and then looked at Grandpa Bai and all the Bai family members. On the pretty face, there was an incomparable determination:

“Shaun took the risk alone for my mother!”

“He was my husband, he is, and he will forever and ever!”

“I would rather die than divorcing him!”


When Elvira’s words fell, Mr. Bai and all the core members of the Bai family turned green.

They couldn’t imagine that Elvira, a strong woman who took the Bai Group, soaring into the sky, the beautiful president, was so infatuated with Shaun, such a scrap guy.

This made everyone unbelievable.


They absolutely don’t want Shaun to continue to stay in the Bai family.

Thinking of this, Mr. Bai couldn’t help turning his gaze, staring at Bai Shan and Paula, and said:

“Youngest! Paula! Look at Elvira, she is confused! Our Bai Group, now soaring to the sky, has successfully reached the first-class top level in Jiang City, and it will not take long before it will become a giant like Tianlong Group. Mac Group!”

“At this time, how can we have a crisis in the Bai family because of our children’s love!”

The words of Mrs. Bai are full of warning signs:

“You husband and wife quickly persuade Elvira! Let her divorce, Shaun! As long as she divorces him, I assure you that the position of President of the Bai Group will always be hers!”

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